Ethereum technology could help solve Pfizer supply chain issues

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  • The Pfizer vaccine is experiencing supply problems.
  • The US is calling for 100 million more vaccine doses.
  • Ethereum technology could help hurry things along.

Ethereum technology could help solve Pfizer supply chain issues

As Christmas is lurking and the new year is in sight, people are hoping for a miracle. Everyone is looking for the vaccine to be the solution to all our Covid problems. In every Christmas story, there is a grinch.

The vaccine that everyone has been hoping for has experienced yet another setback recently. Countries are knocking at the door of the drug manufacturers and begging for this vaccine that could return our lives to normality.

The US is calling for 100 million more vaccine doses. The problem that Pfizer is facing is a supply issue.

The company is having supply chain difficulties which involve getting the right materials to match global demand. Two sides of the US Government are negotiating for the Government to get more vaccines.

The medical company is negotiating with the Federal Government to help find a solution so that the company can meet demand. A potential route that the company can take is to use the Defense Production Act.

The 1950 law helps the Government gain more control to direct industrial production. The act allows the Government to expand supply for resources and is mostly used for the military in their time of need.

The Government can help prioritize allocations and organize contracts for more vaccine materials. The US authorities can also encourage companies to produce more.

Ethereum technology could eliminate some of the obstacles that make handling the supply chain difficult, and it could help the US Government enforce the Defense Production Act.

The supply chain

grey metal chain in close up photography

Paying with Ethereum could be beneficial because it is a cryptocurrency that uses a peer to peer payment system making working with suppliers easier. A major issue most companies work with is handling exchange rates and dealing with the costs of converting currency.

Thanks to Ethereums global reach more companies accept cryptocurrency, making it easier to send money. The ease of paying with ETH also makes it an efficient process so cuts time too.

The issue with relying solely on this solution is that ETH is not used everywhere but is an effective approach.


white printer paper lot

Thanks to Ethereum smart contracts ETH can help store information. ETH smart contracts can do specific things with the proper instructions.

If the US wishes to manage production, organize and prioritize contracts, they will benefit from using ETH. The ETH system can make it easy to send information to specific people and prevent documents from getting lost or cluttered.

The security of ETH 2.0 with 16 validators also means that information is less likely to get stolen.

ETH is a helpful tool that can assist in ensuring that Pfizer reaches its full potential. The vaccine can put an end to Covid 19 and can even be modified to deal with the new strand of Covid 19 lurking in London.

For the vaccine to reach its full potential the vaccine needs to be managed effectively, and ETH can help do so efficiently and securely.

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