PayPal secures U.K. FCA registration as crypto service provider


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  • PayPal has successfully registered with the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide crypto services, adhering to the FCA’s anti-money laundering protocols.
  • The FCA’s approval comes with specific restrictions, including limiting PayPal’s expansion in crypto offerings and services such as staking and decentralized finance activities.
  • The U.K. is emerging as a significant player in the cryptocurrency domain, with London identified as the world’s most crypto-ready city for business in February 2023

PayPal, the globally recognized payment platform, has secured its position in the U.K. crypto market. The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has officially registered PayPal as a crypto service provider. As stated on the FCA’s website, this registration allows PayPal UK Limited to engage in specific cryptoasset activities. This development indicates that PayPal is now aligned with the FCA’s stringent anti-money laundering directives.

Moreover, the FCA register, established in 2020, permits PayPal to self-approve its crypto-associated communications, especially under the new marketing rules. This achievement for PayPal comes after the company decided to temporarily halt crypto purchases in the U.K. a few months ago. This decision was in line with the company’s commitment to adhere to the newly established regulatory framework.

Restrictions and previous approvals

However, PayPal’s entry into the U.K.’s crypto domain isn’t without conditions. The FCA register specifies various constraints on the range of financial services PayPal can offer. These limitations encompass stopping the onboarding of new clientele and restricting current customers’ activities to only holding and selling. Consequently, PayPal’s current crypto services cannot be expanded. The register further clarifies that the company is prohibited from partaking in activities such as crypto exchange services, participation in initial coin offerings, staking, peer-to-peer exchange, and certain decentralized finance tasks, like lending and borrowing.

Additionally, PayPal follows the footsteps of other prominent firms like Interactive Brokers, Bitstamp, and Komainu, who received FCA’s crypto registration earlier in 2023. This approval for PayPal is noteworthy, especially after the company temporarily suspended its U.K. customers’ ability to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in early October.

The United Kingdom has significantly marked its presence in the cryptocurrency sector. Reports from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis in October 2023 highlighted the U.K.’s dominance in the crypto transaction volume across Central, Northern, and Western Europe. Also, a study by the crypto tax platform Recap in February 2023 named London the top city globally, prepared for crypto business ventures.

In light of these developments, PayPal’s registration with the FCA marks a pivotal moment in the U.K.’s crypto narrative, signifying the increasing integration of traditional financial systems with the emerging world of digital currencies.

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