Palworld Sells Over 5 Million Copies in Three Days and Faces Early Access Challenges

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  • Palworld sells 5 million copies in 3 days but has bugs, including the ‘Memory Reset Drug.’
  • The game has the second-highest player count on Steam, with good reviews despite bugs.
  • A patch for Xbox is in the works, but it needs Microsoft’s approval before players get fixes.

Palworld, the highly anticipated survival-crafting game developed by PocketPair, has taken the gaming world by storm, selling over 5 million copies within just three days of its release. Despite its meteoric rise to fame, the game has encountered some teething problems in the form of pesky bugs, leaving players with concerns about the “Memory Reset Drug.”

Record-breaking success

Palworld’s impressive success in the gaming industry is undeniable, with the game quickly becoming the hottest topic among gamers. The title boasts the second-highest concurrent player count for any paid game on Steam, trailing only behind PUBG before the latter transitioned to a free-to-play model.

GAMINGbible’s Dan awarded Palworld a commendable score of eight in their Early Access review. Dan praised the game for its content-rich experience, remarking, “It’s astonishing how much has been packed into Palworld given its Early Access status. What we have here is already great, and it features so many small details that you’ll be amazed at what you discover.”

Bumps on the road

While Palworld’s ascent to success is undeniable, it has not been without its fair share of obstacles. Players have encountered numerous bugs, leading to more than 50,000 player reports for the developers to sift through. PocketPair acknowledges the issues and is diligently working to address and patch the reported bugs.

One particular item, the ‘Memory Reset Drug,’ has raised significant concerns. While it is intended to reset a player’s status, a bug associated with it has been reducing players’ capture power irreversibly. This issue affects both Xbox and Steam players and has been a major source of frustration among the community.

Developer response

In response to the bug-related issues, PocketPair has taken action to rectify the situation. They have submitted a patch update for the Xbox version of Palworld to Microsoft. However, the release of the patch is contingent on passing Microsoft’s rigorous certification process, which can cause delays.

In their official statement, PocketPair assured players, “We have submitted a patch for Xbox that addresses some of the issues that have been reported. However, the patch cannot be issued until it passes the Microsoft certification process.” Gamers are encouraged to remain patient as the developers work diligently to resolve the issues plaguing the game.

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