Own a Personal Investment Portfolio Through AssetStream


Starting an investment portfolio is never easy. However, a successful investment can bring rewards worthy of your time and invested amount. Moreover, before you decide to invest somewhere, you need to carry out thorough research. Having said that, you could reap significant benefits from owning a profitable investment through the AssetStream platform.

AssetStream is a microfinance platform that facilitates access to simple financial services to individual borrowers, SMEs, local agents and communities facing worldwide financial exclusion. The platform targets the ASEAN region, but with time it is expected to open up to the entire world.

Would you like to be part of the investors who are going to bring about global change in financial inclusion while investing in a platform that fully protects their investment and guarantees an impressive ROI? Owning a personal investment portfolio through AssetStream is the way to go.

Why AssetStream’s Target Market is Attractive to Investors

Southeast Asia has a population of 600 million with an interesting GDP of $2.31 trillion. It is also worth noting only 50% of this population has access to financial services such as bank loans leaving the rest to seek alternative sources of funds for personal or business growth.

It is logical that a platform that seeks to bring all these 200 million plus borrowers to lenders would be a profitable platform for lenders.

The ASEAN economic community, for instance, has a roadmap that will see the region grow economically competitive globally. I would say that is a good sign for someone looking to invest in any region.

How to Lend Through AssetStream

Since the primary purpose of AssetStream is to bring about financial inclusion, its features are similar to most microfinancing institutions, only that it’s better. It invites individuals to partner either as local agents or to join as lenders (investors).

As an investor, the lending process goes through several steps:

  1. Sending collateral in the form of AST tokens to a Local Agency. When the loan project reaches its softcap, the tokens will be locked for the duration of the project. If the project does not reach the softcap, the tokens are returned to the respective owners.
  2. To protect lenders, AssetStream ensures that no single investor funds a single borrower alone. Therefore, lending is done in the form of a fundraiser. Before the borrower enters the fundraising stage, he/she must accumulate a specified amount of ‘community votes’ and get in touch with a designated local agency.
  3. A number of investors fund the project so that it reaches the soft cap. This has to be done before the proposed commencement date of the project. A project is rejected and funding is withdrawn if there aren’t sufficient investors by this date.
  4. For successful projects, the borrower receives the loan in two stages; The stages depend on the project. AssetStream enables the borrower to choose the flexibility of a soft and hardcap, or only a softcap. They can choose once they know exactly how much they need for their project.
  5. The investor/lender will continue to receive monthly interest until the end of the contract when the borrower pays back the original sum borrowed plus accrued interest.
  6. A platform fee will be deducted for AssetStream and a reward fee for the Local Agency at the end of the contract while the lender gets back the AST collateral initially deposited plus the previous month’s interest.
Benefits of Owning an Investment Portfolio Through AssetStream

The AssetStream platform makes lending an attractive investment portfolio for anyone to consider. The benefits of owning a personal investment portfolio include:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Protection of assets by not putting all your funds in one project
  • A continuous flow of income through differential lending process
  • As an AST token holder, you will increase your reputation for risk assessment
  • Protection against loan defaulter as legal action is a binding feature of the loan contract
Start creating wealth now!

The AssetStream platform continues to push its agenda of putting an end of poverty and making financial services an accessible human right throughout the world. Own your personal investment portfolio through AssetStream now and realize the dream.

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