Original Resident Evil releases on PC as Capcom and GOG collaborate

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  • Capcom and GOG announced a partnership that will bring back the original 1996 Resident Evil™ game on PC.
  • The announcement also highlighted that gamers should wait for Resident Evil™ 2 and Resident Evil™ 3: Nemesis soon.
  • Previously, the game was only available on PlayStation on a premium subscription, which most gamers didn’t find convenient.

The digital distribution company GOG recently collaborated with the Japanese video game company Capcom to release the original Resident Evil™ game on PC. According to the announcement by GOG, gamers can get the 1996 survival horror game DRM-free from the GOG store. 

Earlier, there had been multiple rumors about the original RE game release across the gaming industry. On June 18, the Gematsu X gaming page released the 1996 Resident Evil game rating in Europe. The post suggested a soon-to-come release of the original game. 

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Many speculated that the OG RE game would be announced during the most recent Nintendo Direct event, hosted on June 18. Since that didn’t happen, enthusiasts had been eagerly waiting for Capcom to release news on the 1996 game.

Capcom preserves the content of the 1996 version

Since the release of the RE trilogy, there have been multiple remakes of the original game over the years. However, none were ever as the first three and their enhanced versions. The other Resident Evil games were also available on most of the popular gaming consoles, including PS, Xbox, Switch, Nintendo, Wii, and more. 

GOG appreciated the RE series as one of the games that shaped survival horror games to date during the announcement. Despite gamers looking up to the series as an OG entry in the industry, many didn’t have the opportunity to play the original version. This announcement opened doors for dedicated gamers to enjoy the classic game with a modern touch.

“While Resident Evil set the stage, introducing players to the eerie Spencer Mansion and navigating them through terrifying encounters and intricate puzzles, its atmospheric tension and innovative gameplay mechanics laid the foundation for the series’ success.”

GOG and Capcom

Capcom ensured the RE games would have all the original content, with ‘quality-of-life improvements and enhanced compatibility for modern systems.’ Some improvements include Windows 10 and 11 compatibility, cutscene timing, game video player, game exit, task switching, game registry, and more. 

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GOG and Capcom also announced the soon-to-release PC versions of Resident Evil™ 2 and Resident Evil™ 3: Nemesis. From the announcement, gamers could access Resident Evil™ on GOG and add Resident Evil 2 and 3 to the wishlist. Alternatively, interested gamers could buy Resident Evil™ 2 and Resident Evil™ 3: Nemesis alongside Resident Evil™ in the special bundle.

TheSphereHunter talks about the Resident Evil series

To improve players’ overall experience, Capcom and GOG invited gaming YouTuber Suzi Hunter, aka TheSphereHunter, to talk about the series in an exclusive YouTube live session. Suzi first discussed RE history, calling the series a ‘nostalgia machine.’ She further explained the difficulty of acquiring the first three games and most of the early RE versions after them in an official capacity.

“I, myself, have been very vocal about the preservation of these classic titles. It is a big reason why I always go out of my way to show you what these games looked like in my videos..”

Suzi Hunter

Suzi recognized the role RE titles have played in her gaming life and Capcom’s success as a company. Hunter also appreciated the opportunity GOG gave her to be among the first people to present the Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3 comeback to the world.

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