Opera cryptocurrency wallet equipped Opera Touch coming soon to iOS

Opera has made it official in a press release today that the cryptocurrency wallet by the famed browser would soon be available to the Apply’s iOS user. The wallet is built-in functionality of the latest browser update Opera Touch.

The iOS platform is used on the Apple mobile phones and is currently serving the version 12.1.4 on the phones series iPhone 5s and above. The presser reveals that the decision has been taken after receiving requests from the Ethereum community.

The on-demand release is set to launch later this year however the browser is currently inviting beta testers to sign up for their cryptocurrency wallet testing on the sign-up page set up by the browser. The browser promises an “exclusive” invite at the earliest release of their wallet.

The cryptocurrency wallet Opera Touch would be supporting Ethereum Dapps and Web 3.0 functionalities for their iOS version. The browser would also carry the functionalities that would allow the users from Scandinavian countries, i.e., Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, to load cryptocurrencies on their wallets with ease.

The browser is also equipped with a cross-device functionality that allows users to sync and share their preferences across various devices. The syncing function works in two-way sync carrying preferences and history from your and to the user computer.