Opera browser now offers this integration to users

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  • Opera browser now offers this integration to users
  • The app wants to provide a multi-chain system
  • The company plans to solidify its security

Opera browser has announced that it has plans to integrate on Elrond. The Web3 browser presently boasts millions in users worldwide using its services. With this update, users of the browsing app can leverage more decentralized applications amongst others, which will be made available on the Opera wallet. Elrond offers crypto users a wide range of services, the most peculiar being the availability of a scalable network that provides infrastructure for dApps.

Opera browser wants to provide a multi-chain system

The primary purpose of this integration is the efficient network that the blockchain boasts, which tips it as the go-to choice of most users in the sector. With this new update, users of the Opera browser can leverage the ESDT, the native token of the blockchain, for their services. In addition, they would also be able to hold ELGD, which will be used as an entry into the Web3 ecosystem. Users will also now be able to carry out transactions within the app while eliminating the need for reliance on another party for transactions. Other features include fast and thorough transactions and security measures available to users.

The company wants to intensify its security

In an interview with one of the company’s executives, he mentioned that the company is presently trying to adopt a multi-chain system. This stems from the continued push for more blockchain integration after Bitcoin and Polygon some months back. He said that this would enable them to provide everybody who seeks to enter the Web3 sector through twitch entry at any point. The executive also mentioned that they now have a new update on the Opera browser where users can select what type of wallet they want to use in interacting with diverse dApps across the platform.

The application provides users diverse ways of entering the Web3 ecosystem from an entry point. While talking about challenges, the executive mentioned that they had put measures in place to secure all users’ data. A typical example is a special clipboard that users can use when they intend to copy and paste their informations on and away from the platform. Elrond also provides eco-solution, one of the reasons that it is well sought after across the crypto sector. With this partnership, there are signs that more companies will be looking forward to inking the same eco-friendly deals.

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