Online broker TD Ameritrade may soon support XRP

Online broker TD Ameritrade that offers a platform for electronic trading of stocks, futures, commodities and other financial assets raised hopes for XRP enthusiasts through a recent tweet which stated it is looking for additional opportunities.

The one trillion US dollars ($1 trillion) worth brokerage giant that was recently acquired by renowned financial investment management company Charles Schwab Corporation, became the first-ever traditional asset management company to delve into cryptocurrency market when it rolled out innovative Bitcoin futures products in 2017. Soon after, it witnessed a massive surge in interests from investors with its CEO and President Tim Hockey touting high demand for Bitcoin futures in his interview in July.

Last year, the brokerage firm also invested in a digital assets trading platform, ErisX, and hinted at offering direct trading in cryptocurrencies soon. And while that plan is yet to get underway, the team has managed to renew more interests by referring to adding support for the world’s third-largest crypto – Ripple.

Online broker TD Ameritrade may bring in XRP soon

When asked on Twitter whether it is considering adding support for XRP, TD Ameritrade confirmed that is, in fact, working on additional investment opportunities and that XRP could very well be one of it. As of now, we are only offering Bitcoin futures on CME. However, we are open to exploring more opportunities in the crypto market, the tweet added.


In a similar tweet from last year, the company confirmed that it is taking a crawl, walk and run approach to cryptocurrencies and adding XRP to its platform will necessitate a careful assessment of pros and cons. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to making this happen, TD Ameritrade confirmed on the tweet.

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