OKEx Blockdream Ventures completes a partnership with WAX

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  • On DEC 13,2021, the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) said that OKEx Blockdream Ventures now holds a great post in their organization.
  • OKEx is joining hands with WAX by purchasing an undisclosed amount of WAXP tokens.

On DEC.09,2021, WAX said it welcomed OKEx to their ecosystem after purchasing their native tokens in a significant but undisclosed amount of cash. They said that this investment would give OKEx some rights in the governance of their whole ecosystem.

Per the founder of OKEx, Dora Yue, WAXP is a great GameFi that creates a perfect environment for game developers. He also noted that the platform has an efficient and low fee mechanism that hosts over 350k users each day.

OKEx bets on WAX

WAXP is the blockchain with the highest traffic globally, and it is also the best in Gaming and NFTs metaverses. It serves over 15million transactions a day, and about 66% of this amount comes from gaming transactions. Its Gaming activities host over 450k daily users. WAX also helms the second position for layer 1 networks that trade NFTs only bowing to Ethereum.

OKEx is a witness to the active integration of the NFT industry into real-life activities like media and art. As a result, they have decided to join hands with WAX to journey through their new adventure together.

Per Dora, WAX has a great roadmap that will eventually lead to its expansion in the future. He particularly noted that their team is dedicated to producing valuable items with utmost creativity for people to trade them on the platform. He says that since the WAX team has good taste in designing high-quality products and meeting demand, it will attract more partnerships.

The founder of WAX, William Quigley, also expressed his joy over the union between OKEx and WAX. He said that his organization expects this partnership to enable WAX to serve even more users worldwide.

More on OKEx and WAX

WAX, colloquially known as the king of NFTs, is the best blockchain according to rankings by DappRadar in terms of its traffic. This platform was founded in 2017 by William Quigley and Jonathan Yatis. Its core aim is to create a bridge between NFTs and the community through the safest and most straightforward ways possible. By now, this platform has handled over a 100million transactions and can boast a market cap of $43.08 billion. Per Chinalysis, it has sales of over $26.9 billion for NFTs only.

On the other hand, OKEx Blockdream Ventures is an investment branch under the OKEx.com exchange. This branch helps the exchange by exploring the most promising blockchain projects. As a result, it ensures that the exchange campaigns for blockchain innovation and invests in projects with the best structural value.

OKEx made an initial investment of $100 million when launching this branch. This money was to aid developers with a passion for improving their blockchain technology and making the world more decentralized.

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