Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems join forces to revolutionize Ethereum transaction ordering

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  • Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems have formed a strategic partnership to integrate Timeboost and the Espresso Sequencer, aiming to improve transaction ordering on Ethereum rollups.
  • The collaboration will focus on creating a production-ready, open-source version of Timeboost that can be adopted by any network, including Arbitrum chains.
  • The partnership is expected to enhance the efficiency, security, and interoperability of Ethereum rollups, with both companies soon to release a detailed roadmap for the integration.

In a significant move that promises to reshape the landscape of Ethereum rollups, Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems announced a strategic partnership on September 11. The collaboration aims to integrate Timeboost, a transaction-ordering design pioneered by Offchain Labs, with the Espresso Sequencer, a platform developed by Espresso Systems. This integration is expected to offer a more seamless and secure path to interoperability for developers and users across different Ethereum rollups.

The technology behind the alliance

Timeboost employs a sealed-bid priority gas auction ordering system, designed to limit harmful forms of Miner Extractable Value (MEV) like frontrunning while still supporting efficient markets. On the other hand, the Espresso Sequencer utilizes a consensus protocol that supports proposer-builder separation (PBS), allowing for advanced transaction ordering policies like MEV auctions and rebate protocols such as SUAVE. The partnership will focus on developing a production-ready, open-sourced, and distributed implementation of Timeboost that can be adopted by any network, including any Arbitrum chain.

Espresso Systems has already released its third testnet and currently supports various technology stacks like the OP Stack and the Polygon zkEVM stack. With Offchain Labs’ support, Espresso Systems is now prioritizing integration with the Arbitrum technology stack. This will enable Arbitrum chains to integrate with the Espresso Sequencer, furthering Espresso’s implementation of a neutral and open protocol compatible with all of Ethereum’s rollups.

The future of Ethereum rollups

Both companies have expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its potential to improve user experience and bring about fair and efficient ordering policies. Ben Fisch, co-founder and CEO of Espresso Systems, lauded Offchain Labs for its pioneering role in scaling solutions and expressed excitement about the collaboration. Similarly, the CEO of Offchain Labs highlighted the technology’s ability to enable deeper integrations among rollups opting to participate in shared sequencing.

The partnership also aligns with the broader vision of a decentralized and user-aligned future for shared transaction sequencing on Ethereum rollups. A roadmap detailing the research and implementation of the Timeboost builder module and its integration with Arbitrum technology chains is expected to be shared soon.

In summary, the alliance between Offchain Labs and Espresso Systems marks a pivotal moment in the Ethereum ecosystem. By combining their respective technological strengths, the companies aim to set a new standard for transaction ordering, thereby enhancing the efficiency, security, and interoperability of Ethereum rollups.

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