Nottingham Building Society Accelerates Mortgage Process with MQube’s AI Technology


  • Nottingham Building Society partners with MQube to accelerate mortgage processes.
  • MQube’s AI-driven Origo platform can process applications in minutes.
  • The partnership aims to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

In a significant move to enhance the efficiency and speed of mortgage application and underwriting processes, Nottingham Building Society has announced its collaboration with MQube. This partnership aims to leverage artificial intelligence through MQube’s advanced Origo platform, promising a revolution in the mortgage industry by offering rapid, cost-effective, and stress-free mortgage solutions.

Transforming mortgage underwriting

Nottingham Building Society’s integration of MQube’s AI-driven Origo platform marks a pivotal step in the evolution of mortgage processing. The Origo platform is distinguished by its capacity to analyze over 20,000 data points in real-time. This groundbreaking technology empowers lenders to process mortgage applications within minutes—a stark contrast to the traditional timeframe of days or weeks. Such an advancement not only enhances the customer experience by delivering speedier service but also significantly reduces operational costs, streamlines risk management, and enables swift strategic adjustments.

A focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction

The collaboration between Nottingham Building Society and MQube is not just about integrating new technology; it’s about redefining the mortgage application journey. By minimizing the need for redundant information requests, the Origo platform ensures a smoother and more efficient process, reducing the typical back-and-forth communication between underwriters and applicants. This approach not only speeds up the process but also contributes to a more satisfying customer experience.

MQube’s commitment to customization plays a critical role in this partnership. Working closely with Nottingham Building Society, MQube is tailoring the Origo platform to seamlessly fit into the lender’s existing infrastructure, ensuring an effective and efficient integration that upholds Nottingham’s commitment to innovation and customer service.

A strategic move towards modern mutuality

Paul Howley, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer at Nottingham Building Society, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership in the context of the society’s broader objectives. As the mortgage industry faces increasing challenges in 2024, Nottingham is keen on evolving its mortgage proposition to address the growing needs of homeownership and to support a diverse range of borrowers. The adoption of MQube’s AI-driven platform is a testament to Nottingham’s forward-thinking approach, aiming to enhance service delivery and impact the homeownership journey positively.

Industry-wide implications

The partnership between Nottingham Building Society and MQube is a significant milestone that could set a new standard for the mortgage industry. MQube’s CEO, Stuart Cheetham, highlighted the broader implications of this collaboration, noting that the Origo platform’s benefits extend beyond Nottingham Building Society. With discussions underway with other building societies and banks, there’s a clear potential for industry-wide adoption, promising an enhanced mortgage experience and improved outcomes across the market.

This strategic alliance not only showcases the potential of AI in transforming financial services but also underscores the industry’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity. As more institutions recognize the benefits of AI-driven platforms like Origo, the mortgage application and underwriting process could see widespread improvements, marking a new era of speed, efficiency, and satisfaction in homeownership journeys.

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