North Korean hackers steal crypto via Telegram


Security researchers in a recent publication revealed that a group of North Korean hackers known as Lazarus is intensifying efforts to steal crypto through messaging app Telegram.

It is believed that the group has developed enhanced capabilities that execute in memory, rather than running on HDDs. It allows it to remain undetected and delivers malware through popular messaging app Telegram.

Lazarus hack group are believed to target Telegram because of it’s newly and about to launch digital currency, Gram and its large crypto community.

Reportedly in the past, the North Korean hackers have been said to hack a good number of cryptocurrency exchanges and run away with a huge amount of money. Some of their victims have also been declared bankrupt.

Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs, whose security researchers revealed the group of North Korean hacker’s operation, has been analyzing new attacks from the group. Lazarus reportedly has developed since the AppleJesus attack on several cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018.

All these are happening in the wake of panic from the entire crypto community after Delloite, a global accounting firm, revealed that cryptocurrencies are susceptible to hack attack with the outbreak of quantum computing.

Lazarus hack group attack strategy

The group’s strategy is a sequel to APpleJeus discovered in 2018. They plan a campaign that uses fake crypto trading firms to lure in investors. They also use websites filled with links to fake Telegram trading groups where the hackers continue to deceive their soon-to-be victims

They also use the Telegram messenger app to deliver a malicious payload that infects Microsoft Windows’ operating system. After infesting these systems, such devices can be accessed remotely and hackers cart away cryptocurrency held inside the device.

Researchers found out in the cause of their research that victims are usually not individuals but crypto businesses around Europe and China. The UN reportedly announced last year that Korean hackers stole an estimated $2 billion by hacking financial institutions and crypto exchanges

Crypto holders beware of North Korean hackers

Experts have been employed to educate citizens about the precautions involved with the use of Telegram and other technologies vulnerable to hacking, particularly in crypto transactions. The North Korean hackers’ group is believed to be interested in attacking any digital asset and Bitcoin-related businesses.

The group is rumored to have increased its target area to acquire as much crypto as it can employing various strategies and methodologies.

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