Nintendo Delays Release of Next-Gen Switch to Early 2025


  • Nintendo delays release of next-gen Switch to early 2025 to align with the new game lineup.
  • Decision driven by cost concerns; next-gen Switch likely to keep LCD.
  • Despite delay, investor confidence in Nintendo remains high; shares hit a record high.

In a strategic move aimed at maximizing the launch potential of its upcoming console, Nintendo has announced a delay in the release of the next-generation Switch. Originally speculated to debut in late 2024, the successor to the wildly popular Nintendo Switch is now slated for an early 2025 launch. This decision comes amidst reports from reputable sources such as EuroGamer, VCG, and Bloomberg.

Nintendo push for a stronger lineup

Nintendo’s decision to postpone the release of the next-gen Switch to early 2025 is driven by a desire to synchronize the launch with a robust lineup of new games. By aligning the console’s release with an array of fresh titles, the Kyoto-based gaming giant aims to enhance the overall gaming experience for its user base.

Reports indicate that the next-gen Switch may retain its LCD instead of opting for an OLED upgrade, primarily due to cost concerns. Additionally, the console is expected to maintain its hallmark feature of physical game cartridges. However, details regarding backward compatibility support remain ambiguous, leaving enthusiasts eagerly awaiting further clarification from Nintendo.

This delay in release positions the next-gen Switch for a more impactful launch and signifies a strategic move by Nintendo to leverage the current fiscal year’s momentum before concluding it. While this decision may result in the company missing out on holiday sales for the current year, it underscores Nintendo’s long-term vision and commitment to delivering quality gaming experiences to its audience.

Market response and investor confidence

Despite the delay in releasing the next-gen Switch, investor confidence in Nintendo remains unwavering. Nintendo shares recently soared to a record high, signaling continued enthusiasm and support from investors. The enduring popularity of the Nintendo Switch, bolstered by hit titles such as the Legend of Zelda series and Mario Kart 8, has contributed to this surge in investor confidence.

The portable gaming device has captivated audiences worldwide, maintaining a sustained level of interest that surpasses many of its counterparts in the gaming industry. The enduring success of the Nintendo Switch underscores the company’s ability to innovate and captivate gamers of all ages.

Nintendo’s decision to delay the release of the next-generation Switch to early 2025 reflects a strategic maneuver aimed at optimizing the console’s launch potential. By aligning the release with a compelling lineup of new games, Nintendo seeks to elevate the gaming experience for its dedicated fan base. 

While this delay may result in missed holiday sales opportunities, investor confidence in Nintendo remains strong, buoyed by the enduring success of the Nintendo Switch and its captivating library of games. As anticipation builds for the next-generation Switch, gamers worldwide eagerly await further updates from Nintendo regarding the console’s features and launch details.

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