Nike advances in creation of the “NikeLand” project


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• The multinational company will develop a metaverse in Roblox.
• Nike is ready to create a virtual field of fun and NFTs sales.

The Metaverse is getting closer and closer, and the main companies in the world are looking to join the trend. On this occasion, the multinational sports shoe company Nike participates in metaverse official through Roblox. The American firm announces that it is developing a digital world called NikeLand, which intends to create various projects.

Nike, which has spent months studying cryptocurrencies and virtual universes, appears to have taken another step closer to achieving its goals. The company reportedly aims to create an arena where enthusiasts can play and earn rewards with classified products.

Nike enters the Metaverse


Since the Facebook social network opened Pandora’s box by revealing the Metaverse, several companies have shown their attraction to this new project that will mark a before and after in the technological world. Among the new participants is Nike, which has been very close to new technologies such as cryptocurrencies, NFT auctions, and now with the Metaverse.

The company is developing its virtual universe through Roblox, an online video game platform. It aims to show fields, buildings, and endless arenas where fans of the brand can interact. According to its developers, the Metaverse will serve as a refuge for fans of the brand to play and buy items.

The company showed some patents covering advertising and logos at the beginning of November. These actions brought up various speculations about the possible Nike insertion into the Metaverse. The company would join the great list of firms that explore the meta, such as Unity Software, Roblox, Nvidia, and even Microsoft.

Nike and its attraction to new technologies

While it may seem like a novelty to fans that Nike enters the Metaverse, it may have been for years now that it has been showing how attracted it is to new technologies. In 2019 the company under the Jordan brand made a pact with Fortnite, which at the time was the most famous online game, for its characters to wear footwear.

On the other hand, the company has also signed contracts with Roblox to grow in the virtual world. At the same time, Nike presented its NFT project “CryptoKicks,” which was surprisingly successful.

The multinational sports shoe firm continues to get involved in new technologies, so it was easy to predict what it would explore in the Metaverse. However, despite the announcements, it is unknown if the company will continue to create Non-fungible pieces as part of its commitment to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts believe that Nike within the Metaverse will sell unique NFT pieces, which could be great. The company is likely to launch a new NFT auction before the end of 2021 to boost its participation in the Metaverse.

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