New Meme Coins to Watch: LandWolf Explodes, Super Trump Trending, WienerAI Bullish

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Meme coins continue to dominate the conversation on crypto Twitter.

Although established coins are struggling, new tokens are popping up daily.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the hottest new meme coins that are turning heads and raising eyebrows.

LandWolf – The Latest Solana Meme Coin to Pump

LandWolf (WOLF) is pumping, and crypto investors are taking notice.

This latest sensation, based on another Matt Furie character (the same artist behind Pepe), has seen a 950% surge in just three days.

Currently trending 3rd on DEXTools, WOLF has hit a $196 million market cap.

And with over $33 million in spot trading volume since yesterday, it’s clear traders are buzzed about its potential.

But here’s the kicker – WOLF hasn’t even made its debut on any top centralized exchanges (CEXs) yet.

This suggests more fuel could be in the tank for this brand-new meme coin.

Super Trump Price Rebounds After Prolonged Downtrend

Next up is Super Trump (STRUMP), the latest political meme coin making waves on Solana.

Designed as a second chance for those who missed MAGA’s rally, STRUMP is proving that there’s always room for a comeback in crypto.

After a prolonged downtrend, STRUMP has surged 14% since yesterday, breathing new life into the token.

And with over 12,000 holders now, STRUMP has a growing fanbase.

Crucially, spot volumes are up 73% since yesterday, hinting that retail traders are jumping back on the bandwagon.

So, as the 2024 election draws nearer, Super Trump could be positioning itself for another bull run.

WienerAI Offers Meme Vibes with AI-Powered Utility

While some meme coins lack utility, the same can’t be said for WienerAI (WAI).

Still in its presale phase, WienerAI has already raised over $6 million in early funding.

Talk about a quick start.

Yet this meme coin is more than just another hype-driven asset.

It’s also an AI trading bot that promises to be every trader’s best friend.

Imagine having a personal trading assistant who can scan the markets, identify opportunities, and execute them on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) without fees.

That’s what WienerAI’s team is promising.

There will also be staking opportunities for WAI holders, with yields as high as 186% per year.

No wonder the WienerAI Telegram channel has seen an enormous influx of new members lately.

So, as the presale rages on, investors are debating whether WienerAI will be the next big meme coin to launch this year.

Visit WienerAI Presale

Chubby Seal Token Sealana Enters Final Few Days of Presale

Let’s not forget about Sealana (SEAL).

This chubby seal token is in the final days of its presale phase, which has already raised over $5 million from early investors.

Sealana’s unique combo of South Park vibes and American patriotism has hooked investors.

Its mascot – an overweight seal crypto trader – is unlike anything else in the meme coin space.

For those looking to buy SEAL, tokens are priced at $0.022 each.

However, this price is only available for a few more days before SEAL’s presale ends.

The next big milestone for Sealana will be its DEX debut.

And with big names like Cilinix Crypto saying that SEAL could 10x after hitting DEXs, it’s definitely another new meme coin to watch.

Visit Sealana Presale

APE Token Launches & Rallies Over 2,000% on First Day

Last but not least is Ape (APE).

This ape-themed token is also turning heads after it launched less than 24 hours ago.

APE’s price has rocketed over 2,000% already – and the token ranks 7th on DEXTools’ trending cryptos list.

More than 600 people now hold APE worldwide.

All of this has been achieved despite APE only being available to trade on the Uniswap DEX.

Imagine the potential once it hits CEXs.

As with all new meme coins, the question is whether APE can sustain this early momentum or if investors will cash in and force the price back down.

Time will tell – but this new coin is clearly making its mark.

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