New InnfiRAT malware targets crypto wallets

Unfortunately for Bitcoin and crypto users, the new InnfiRat malware targets crypto wallets and steals wallet information in a matter of seconds. 

Cryptocurrency targeted malware has become increasingly popular among hackers, as more people have started investing in different tokens. The main targets for such malicious software are owners of substantial amounts of Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies. 

How does the InnfiRat malware work?

The way the new InnfiRAT malware works is it targets valuable crypto wallet data, including various wallet addresses.

The malware is a remotely operated virus of the trojan horse variety, which infiltrates the wallet software, or device, and starts gathering sensitive information.

The most dangerous part of the InnfiRAT malware is that it includes an exit strategy, or backdoor, which allows hackers to access the infected wallets remotely. This also gives hackers the option to return to already accessed wallets. 

Further concerns regarding InnfiRAT include the fact that it can quickly spread to other devices connected to the network. 

Protection against malware

The InnfiRAT usually spreads through malicious email attacks, which means that cryptocurrency wallet holders should be extremely cautious when opening sketchy looking correspondence online. 

Another spreading ground for the malware is cryptocurrency-related websites, which are gaining more popularity with the price-hikes Bitcoin has been experiencing lately. 

Essential advice for wallet holders is to be extremely vigilant of their online activities, as InnfiRAT is a very easily spreading malware. Users must remain critical of the websites and emails they open, as these are the breeding-grounds for hacker software.