New Golem version is developer-oriented to collect constructive feedback

New Golem version is developer oriented to collect constructive feedback

New Golem version is just around the corner, and it promises to offer many more developer-oriented features. Golem is a computing power-sharing network that is built on decentralized technology. It promotes efficient computing solutions that are ideal for next-gen networks.

The alpha phase of the new Golem version focuses on easing developer activity through efficient app development features.

New Golem version will give more freedom to developers

The company has been giving hints about the new Golem version since the past many months. The community feedback received in response to the earlier Brass and Clay Golem versions played a significant role in developing new features. The team has been undertaking great efforts to build New Golem version that would meet the growing demands of the Golem users.

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Addressing the important aspects that the users want in the new Golem version was a critical component in this latest iteration. The team had a strong vision about how the new network update must proceed to implement the best features.

Golem to take computing power-sharing model to new heights

Alpha testnet is running the new Golem version. Developers now can convert Dockerized images into their preferred tailor-made virtual machine image format. A well-established API is used to make a connection with the containers.

As per their statement, the initial release will be barebone in nature, giving more freedom to the developers. The developer-first approach will help the team collect feedback directly from the developers to further fine-tune the upcoming new Golem version.

Golem team wants to collect extensive developers feedback

According to the Golem team, the new update is meant to be deployed in a wide range of situations that have real-world implications. Therefore, the team is eager to receive proactive feedback from the developer community to make new implications possible.

A few months ago, a proof-of-device published by Golem featured identity authentication concept. It allows hardware validation by the users and helps them prove their identity anonymously.

Gurpreet Thind

Gurpreet Thind

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