Microsoft crypto mining technology relies on data generated by body activities as proof-of-work

Microsoft crypto mining technology

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Popular computer software development firm, Microsoft, recently registered a patent for a technology that uses human activities to mine cryptocurrencies. The Microsoft crypto mining technology relies on data generated by body activities as proof-of-work using brain waves and body temperature to perform various online tasks.

According to the patent, the software firm mentioned that users are going to be able to solve mining equations without them knowing as submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  The document also explains that brain impulses or body reflexes required by people to perfume a task online can be leveraged on to mine cryptos.

However, with the Microsoft crypto mining technology, the firm explained that the method it is proposing could reduce the amount of energy needed when mining and making the process faster.

As explained by the patent, with the Microsoft crypto mining technology, solving difficult computing tasks on the current mining system would not be necessary as data that body activities generate would provide proof of work. It means that users can solve complex mathematics involved in mining cryptos unconsciously without knowing.

Microsoft crypto mining technology patent amidst others

Apart from Microsoft delivering a patent for its Microsoft crypto mining technology, other firms are also experimenting with cryptos and blockchain to remain ahead of competitors. Reportedly, The United States Patent and Trademark office endorsed over 200 blockchain-related patents between 2014 and 2019.

Also, IBM, another blockchain firm, got a patent to develop a self-aware token. The idea was so that adopting new currencies will enable vetting and validating transactions from different payment and trade with little or no interaction.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong licensed a method that allows users to make BTC payments with email addresses tied to several wallets without need for charges.

Microsoft aid in coronavirus fight

With technology advancement, it remains a step to improving the comfort of people in the world. As part of fear and difficulty coronavirus has caused in the world, Microsoft has partnered the World Health Organization (WHO) to try and end the problem.

Reportedly, the computer software firm alongside the World Health Organization (WHO) partnered to aid analyzing coronavirus with blockchain tech.

Apart from them, other tech giants like CoreWeave are also in the fight. CoreWeave donated all its computing power to Stanford University to facilitate their project aimed at finding the cure and a vaccine from coronavirus.

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