New Bitcoin Cash client launched to bypass developer funding charges


A new Bitcoin Cash client has been launched by an anonymous coder called Freetrader. Called Bitcoin Cash Node, the new client is very much similar to the original BCH client. Interestingly, his version does not include the five percent developer funding charges that eat into the block rewards of miners.

Ever since the BCH developer funding charges have been announced, efforts have been going on to circumvent them. Developers have been coding to avoid them and increase their mining profits. Freetrader says that the new Bitcoin cash client is a commitment to transparency in the community and is in the interest of the wider ecosystem. Interestingly, the new Bitcoin Cash client has also got a donation of 100 BCH from a new player making it newsworthy.

New Bitcoin Cash client attempts to circumvent developer funding charges

The community has long resented developer funding charges. The new Bitcoin cash node has the support of many prominent members of the community. Alexander Levin Jr. has been listed as a chief executive offer. Levin is famous for charging the ProgPow saga team working secretly with Nvidia.

Yann St. Arnaud has also been named in the list by ASICseer which shows that some focus on ETH cannot be denied. Nonetheless, the focus on ASICS miners is a given in this new Bitcoin Cash client.

Precarious situation for the original BCH

The miner community has started to stand behind the new client. Besides the donations, extensive verbal support has been pouring in for the new node. Roger Ver said that the software is good to go through the May 15th upgrade. Interestingly, Ver also supported the 12.5 percent charges on block rewards and angered the miner community.

The current developments can be confusing for newbies. Ver is also supporting the new node. This can create a precarious situation for the original BCH. His ownership of a large BCH wallet, a prominent mining pool, and a famous website makes him a dangerous precedent for the BCH community. Let’s see where the new Bitcoin Cash client will lead the BCH community.

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