MultiVersus Unleashes Agent Smith if You Beat Rift Bosses

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  • To make Agent Smith available in MultiVersus now, players will need to defeat Rift Mode bosses.
  • An example of Rift Mode is to present new forms of battle with mutators and additional, single, or cooperative tasks.
  • Level up characters and unlock aesthetic upgrades such as an Agent Smith skin and a Jason X outfit.

MultiVersus is back after a year with a fantastic addition of a new Player versus Environment (PvE) mode. This mode brings new life into the game and allows players to unlock some unique characters like the Matrix’s Agent Smith. 

The new mode spices up the regular gameplay experience and delivers single and multiplayer puzzles that force the player to devise ways to defeat enemies.

Defeat Rift Mode Bosses for Exclusive Rewards

Rift Mode is the latest addition to MultiVersus’ gameplay developments, a multiplayer PvE mode where players take on theme-related enemies across the multi-verse. As with gems seen in “Invasions” in Mortal Kombat 1, this mode incorporates combat mutators that introduce modified variations to the fights. Whether single-player or group play in co-op mode, Rift Mode guarantees to deliver exciting encounters throughout the game. 

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Players explore different themes; for example, it is possible to imagine the Joker entering the Batcave while fighting, which adds another plane of storytelling to the game. Moreover, Rift Mode does not only occur within boss battles. It also includes mini-games like quick matching and volleyball to make the game more challenging and diverse.

MultiVersus - Official Jason Voorhees "Weirdo in a Mask" Gameplay Trailer
MultiVersus game character, Jason Voorhees. Source: Youtube

Another interesting feature of Rift Mode is that players can unlock different characters and other content exclusive to Rift Mode. Upon defeating bosses for the first time in the game, players gain points that help in a mini Battle Pass system. This pass reveals badges, fighter currency, and the long-awaited Agent Smith from the Matrix series. However, there is a specific version of Agent Smith that is available only as a reward for completing the mission. 

MultiVersus to Release Rift Mode in Stages

MultiVersus is releasing Rift Mode in stages to guarantee all players get to play this new feature without overloading the server. The creators have explained that Rift Mode is at the “base level” for this season and will see further improvements and additions in the future.

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For MultiVersus’ development and as the title continues to utilize updates and patches, players will find new ways to engage with the experience. The addition of characters such as Banana Guard, The Joker and Jason Voorhees besides the new and interesting PvE mode, known as Rift Mode, are striving to make MultiVersus recognizable for both casual and pro players.

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