Mozilla halts crypto donations due to climate-related backlash

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  • Mozilla has announced that they have ceased to accept crypto donations amid a review of their climate rules for donations.
  • Mozilla has reached this decision due to receiving a backlash from its co-founder and community members.

Yesterday, Mozilla Tweeted that they have halted crypto donations due to concerns raised by other Twitter users. The firm explained that despite changing their governance since they started accepting cryptos, they have to review whether those donations fit their climate goals.

The backlash that made Mozilla consider this action came from their co-founder Jamie Zawinski. Zawinski challenged the organization for accepting donations from planet-incinerating Ponzi grifters. According to him, everyone behind the crypto donation program at Mozilla should be ashamed.

Mozilla not giving up on blockchain

The foundation has also said that it will not give up its pursuit of blockchain technology due to its many benefits. However, it has clarified that it will only re-accept crypto donations once it is sure that they align with its climate preservation goals.

This saga on crypto donations began on DEC. 31, 2021, after Mozilla posted a blog on Bitpay asking for crypto donations. The post attracted the attention of many, with some disapproving of it due to its nature. Zawinski was one of those who challenged the firm’s decisions.

Even though Zawinski stepped away from the company in 1999, he pointed out that accepting crypto donations violated the foundations’ guidelines. He added that all associated with crypto donations at Mozilla should feel ashamed.

Spat draws mixed reactions

Zawinski distanced himself from the company in 1999, but his latest comments show that he still follows what the organization does. On Jan. 5, 2021, he posted a blog addressing cryptocurrencies and their unrealistic nature. According to him, cryptocurrencies manufacture pollution and mask their operations by turning it into money.

Several onlookers have asked Mozilla to bring down that donation post following Zawinski’s blog and Tweets. They have also asked the foundation to explain how crypto donations help them fulfill their pledge of fighting climate change.

Other Twitter users referred to the firm’s previous blog post that explained its commitment to fighting climate change. The article from last January features its CEO talking about the organization’s commitment to the fight against climate change. The users challenged that BTC is known for its high power consumption, and isn’t green which contradicts climate change mitigation efforts.

Mozilla is not the only organization that has received backlash due to crypto adoption and climate change. In the past months, other organizations like Ubisoft and Discord have been caught up in a similar position. The main issue behind these backlashes is the carbon footprint left behind by cryptocurrencies. Since crypto developers are known to be promising innovators, it remains to be seen how their solution to becoming a green economy will be.

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