More Coronavirus Ethereum Paris Conference cases confirm

More Coronavirus Ethereum Paris Conference cases confirm

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More Coronavirus Ethereum Paris Conference cases have been confirmed by the authorities in addition to the already found seven people who were tested positive.

Almost one thousand people registered for the Ethereum Paris Conference event, and since the news broke yesterday, two more people who attended the conference have been tested positive for coronavirus, with many results still pending.

While this chart of fifty individuals shows who attended the event, so far, 18 have been tested positive for the virus. It also traces the activities taken by the infected people to infer what other individuals they came in contact with.


Principal European cities are in a state of quarantine, and all congregational gatherings are canceled. Everyone who attended the conference is now advised to place themselves in isolation to stop the further spread of the pandemic.

Coronavirus Ethereum Paris Conference attack: What happened to Vitalik Buterin?

The health of everyone present at the time of Coronavirus Ethereum Paris Conference is of pinnacle importance, but everyone was still waiting to hear Vitalik’s test as he tweeted three days ago that he didn’t show any symptoms of being infected.

However, the chart does not contain his results but still registered him as recovering. Vitalik is most likely going to keep the public updated with his health conditions if he were to come in contact with the virus; however, there is no way of knowing for sure.

What does this say about the future of Crypto and its progress?

After the Coronavirus Ethereum Paris conference attack, it is understandable to think about the effect the virus will have on the crypto progress; as of now, no disturbances have been reported. It is more likely for the virus to pass before it makes any huge impact that affects crypto development, but then again, it is too early to tell.

The optimal solution for this predicament is to hope that the decentralized essence of the blockchain allows team members to operate in isolation. This seems like the optimal time for teams with large crypto projects to develop rules to tackle this pandemic.

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