Moonlighting, freelancer base of 70000 moves to blockchain

Moonlighting is a freelance jobs marketplace, and it is the quickest way to find and hire professional on demand. Recent news suggests that almost seven hundred thousand accounts from moonlighting will be moved over to the EOS blockchain. EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol powered EOS.

The purpose of this decision is to increase the users of Moonlighting as well as to combine the existing infrastructure with a blockchain network. Recently the leading crypto exchange platform Coinbase introduced EOS, REP and MKR on Coinbase pro.

Coinbase pro is the professional trading platform of Coinbase. Just recently EOS was also ranked first out of a hundred twenty-two (122) cryptocurrencies on the Weiss Crypto Ratings.

The CEO of Moonlighting also said that he thinks everyone involved in the freelance community will get some sort of benefit from this move.

Moonlighting wants to ensure the fact that its clients can use their profiles on any platform or website. Moonlighting wishes to be successful in carrying out the task to distribute the profiles. The CEO of moonlighting also said that with the immense help they received through the funding they can now execute the blockchain project.

Moonlighting is also dipping its toes in the initial coin offerings. The plan to go through with the idea was later abandoned because of the negativity that surrounded the initial coin offering in 2018.

On the other hand, just launched its open-source software. This open-source software has the introduction of EOS.IO Labs. Block one ended their initial coin offering in 2018. Because of this initial coin offering Block one had collected over four billion dollars. This money was used to develop the EOS.IO software.

What makes Moonlighting different from the rest of the freelancing platforms is its will to decentralize profile. Doing this will save both time, money and effort. The data and all the information in the profiles will be stored on the blockchain network. This will reduce any chances of data alteration and theft.

Entoro is a global leader in the economic sector and Moonlighting announced in June 2018 that it will be collaborating with them. The collaboration is to help manage the SAFE-T program. Moonlighting also revealed to use OfferBoard that is owned by Entoro. By using OfferBoard Moonlighting plans to collect over twenty-five million dollars ($25M).