Monopoly GO Surpasses $1 Billion Milestone in Mobile Gaming

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  • Monopoly GO hits $1 billion in revenue in seven months, becoming 2023’s top mobile game with 100 million downloads.
  • Global player insights show the UK’s loyalty, the U.S. leading in landmark shutdowns, and unique behaviors in Bhutan and French Polynesia.
  • Scopely and Hasbro’s partnership cements Monopoly GO as the #1 U.S. mobile game, highlighting the classic board game’s enduring digital success.

Mobile board game Monopoly GO has made waves in the gaming industry, achieving a remarkable milestone of over $1 billion in spending within just seven months post-launch. Developed by Scopely in collaboration with major US toy manufacturer Hasbro, Monopoly GO has emerged as the biggest mobile game launch of 2023. The game’s success is marked not only by its impressive revenue but also by its rapid growth in downloads and the engaged community it has cultivated.

Rapid rise to the Billion-dollar club

In a joint press release, Scopely and Hasbro announced Monopoly GO’s achievement of crossing the $1 billion revenue mark, positioning it as the fastest casual game to reach this milestone in 2023. Launched on April 11, 2023, for Android and iOS devices, the free-to-play casual mobile game has become a global sensation, attracting over 100 million downloads within its first seven months.

Monopoly GO’s success is not just measured in dollars but also in the staggering number of in-game achievements by its dedicated player base. As the game celebrates its achievements just days before the annual National ‘Play Monopoly’ Day, players worldwide have been busy constructing and shutting down landmarks, passing GO, and accumulating Monopoly money.

Landmarks and player behavior

Monopoly GO players globally have constructed an impressive 59 billion landmarks, but it seems the shutdowns have been equally prolific, with the American player base leading in landmark shutdowns per minute. Players have collectively visited Jail six billion times, showcasing the game’s diverse and active player community.

The global Monopoly GO community has exhibited interesting regional trends. Bhutan’s players were more likely to pass GO than any other region, while French Polynesia led in the number of die rolls. New Zealanders showed a penchant for surprises, being the most likely to open Sticker Packs. In the UK, the player base has demonstrated remarkable loyalty, logging in to play Monopoly GO over more days than any other community.

Successful partnership and industry recognition

Scopely’s Chief Revenue Officer, Tim O’Brien, attributes Monopoly GO’s success to the dedicated team behind the game and the collaboration with Hasbro. The partnership has not only resulted in a highly profitable business but has also positioned Monopoly GO consistently as the #1 mobile game and app in the U.S. The game has achieved unprecedented player retention in the mobile gaming landscape.

Hasbro’s CEO, Chris Cocks, acknowledges the power of the Monopoly brand in connecting fans and attracting players, emphasizing the success of Monopoly GO as a testament to the enduring appeal of the iconic board game.

Monopoly GO’s journey to becoming the biggest mobile game launch of 2023, surpassing $1 billion in revenue and amassing over 100 million downloads in just seven months, reflects the resonance of the classic board game in the digital age. The game’s global community has not only engaged in fierce virtual property battles but has also contributed to a gaming experience that goes beyond the screen. As Monopoly GO continues to make headlines, its success serves as a benchmark for the evolving landscape of mobile gaming and collaborative ventures between developers and iconic brands.

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