Mollars ICO Presales jump to $1.4M with ETH spot ETF news — Blockchain’s version of Bitcoin

Ethereum spot ETF approval has sent the bulls running wild in crypto.  2024 has become a spectacular year for investors with new data driving fast pumps, like $ETH gaining over $700 in value in less than 24 hours. Now, it looks like Ethereum blockchain’s store-of-value token, currently in presale, is also getting a push from this tsunami of profit yields.

What is Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20?

Ethereum (ETH) is the native coin of Ethereum Blockchain.  The two were created together with a purpose of creating a cryptocurrency that the general commercial world, both digital and physical, could rely on to complete any currency-related transaction.

However, the ‘block’ is a layer-1 technology behind various popular tokens.  Those cryptos are termed ERC-20 tokens.  It’s the chain on which many commonly known crypto brands all operate.  This includes Pepe (PEPE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Uniswap (UNI), and many more.

None of these tokens have done what Mollars (MOLLARS) will do for the Ethereum-blockchain ecosystem however.  It is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that’s seeing major increases in token presales alongside the bull run.

What utility does MOLLARS have?

The Mollars token is Ethereum-blockchain’s version of Bitcoin (BTC).  It will be released at the beginning of next month.  On June 2nd the ERC-20 token will launch on at least 3 crypto exchanges, all of whom have pre-announced its listing, though even more CEXES are expected.

Mollars token’s price in its initial coin offering phase is only $0.55 (cents).     In the 5th of 6th funding rounds, it’s gone up 20-cents [from $0.35] since the presale launch in December of 2023.  

In the 6th and final round of the ICO the $MOLLARS token price is slated to go up to $0.60 (cents) per token.    After the round closes, no further tokens will be offered at a discount price.

Only 4-million tokens of the cryptocurrency’s 10-million total token supply are allocated for the ICO stage.   Of that 40% of the TTS, just over 26% of the tokens remain available. All the others, close to 3-million tokens, have all been sold to investors and traders, interested in Mollars future.

Saving Ethereum Users Major Money

Mollars is a store-of-value token like Bitcoin (BTC).  However, it’s created specifically to service the Ethereum-Blockchain world as it’s propped on the ERC20 networks.   And most importantly, it’s servicing the ETH Block with transaction fees that could be -80% less than those of Bitcoin-Blockchain.

The savings alone should be enough to drive most cryptocurrency enthusiasts to Mollars, regardless of other utilities.  Saving money is the same as earning money.

However, there’s more to this SOV token than just its deflationary nature.  Beyond fighting global inflation woes, Mollars.cc will also be launched after $MOLLARS is live on crypto exchanges.   A new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX), it will drive the scarcity of Mollars tokens even further as it will rely on bits of the whole tokens, referred to as “Molls,” to complete transactions.

What is a Moll of a Mollars token?

A ‘Moll,’ which is a fraction of a whole Mollars token, is what the project’s creator titled the token which most people will own in the future. As demand goes up and 10-million tokens have sold out, people will begin buying fractions of the ‘whole coin.’   The amount of 1/100th of a Mollars token will be referred to as a ‘Moll.’  

Like Bitcoin, Mollars is designed to go up in value as more tokens are used or held.  It has a deflationary mechanism within its smart contract that will contribute to that process, along with the DEX, and professional marketing for multiple quarters after its launch that will all boost the growth process. In the whitepaper of the project this has been made clear as well as on the brand’s social media accounts, to make sure people understand the importance of Mollars’ tokenomics plan.

This drive of price popularity, if it follows a similar trajectory to that of Bitcoin, could see the token’s value increase fast and furiously. Since today 450-million wallets hold cryptos, it will have an advantage in finding coin-users, whereas the $BTC launched in a world in which nobody knew what a crypto-coin was nor trusted it.

Today, people like those invested in $ETH coins, are making $700 profits in less than 24 hours, while people at a basic 9-to-5 job only make $120 in that same day.  

Those ignoring the opportunity or doubting cryptocurrency at this point are missing the age of a digital gold rush — but willingly and foolishly.

Like Bitcoin’s Price in 2011

Mollars token may be something huge. A project that has the potential to take a path similar to what Bitcoin did in 2011 and investors see its potential.

That investor oversight is translating into bigger sales. Due to the current bull run of the market, investors are quickly migrating funds over to the Mollars initial coin offering.  In the last 48 hours  presales have continued escalating in quantity by over 25% daily.     The ICO is nearly at $1.4-million dollars raised and slightly below 3-million tokens pre-sold, before its June 2nd launch on public crypto exchanges.

If the ICO hard cap is met, the token is set to list on exchanges at $0.62 [cents]; information that’s been published for weeks now.  

That information is also a huge driving factor as the current price of $0.55 should see a 7-cents profit yield in less than 2 weeks.   To gain +12%  in less than 2 weeks for an investment is better than physical Gold itself.

Regardless of hard cap, with 3 exchanges already confirming Mollars listing, it’s also now confirmed the store-of-value asset will be introduced to over 20-million crypto traders.  

Mollars only has a total token supply of 10-million tokens; the value of the token, if like all other cryptocurrencies, will go up tremendously that supply sells out.   With an audience of 20M vs such a small supply that costs less than $1, the numbers game has pushed  the prospects for a big ROI through the roof.

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