40% of millennials want to invest their pension in crypto


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• Almost half of the millennials would like to invest their pensions in cryptocurrencies.
• Research from the United Kingdom studies the attractiveness of investments in digital currencies in different savers.

According to a study, half of the millennials would like to invest their pensions in crypto assets. This research on pensions in the UK looks at the attractiveness and appeal of new investment opportunities for different savers.

This research found that the penchant for digital currencies is high among millennials at nearly 40 percent.

But cryptocurrencies are less attractive to older generations. Among generation X, it was 10 percent (41 to 56 years old), for baby boomers, it was 7 percent (57 to 75 years old), and for the silent generation, it was 10 percent (76 years old or older).

Millennials want cryptocurrencies


This same study showed that 20 percent of the investors would like to add cryptocurrencies to their pension. For the non-advised counterpart, it was 8 percent.

A high percentage of these advised investors (22 percent) indicated that they would add medical cannabis to their pensions, while the unadvised investors had 13 percent. The most popular investment alternative in pensions for investors is gold and silver (obtained 45 percent), followed by residential property (33 percent).

About a quarter of the people surveyed (24 percent) would invest their pension in frontier markets, while 23 percent would invest in metals and rare earth. About one in five respondents choose farmland or wood (19 percent) and medical cannabis 18 percent.

This is followed by vegan products with 17 percent and cryptocurrencies with 15 percent. The demand for silver and gold is much stronger for the silent generation, close to 50 percent, baby boomers have 49 percent, millennials have a greater interest in medical cannabis with 22 percent, and border markets with 28 percent.

Concerns about crypto pension

This study also showed concern about investment by pension funds in new areas such as cannabis stocks or cryptocurrencies.

Their concern is to invest in a sector not regulated or exposed to fraud (43 percent). But more than a third worry that people still do not understand the risks involved in these investments (38 percent).

Global research firm CoreData did the study. 500 UK retail investors were survey conducted between March and April.

Andrew Inwood, the Coredata director, and co-founder said these findings and studies show that millennials and pension investors have a greater appetite for exotic and alternative investments but are clear about the potential dangers these investments entail.

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