Microsoft will help Icertis to expand its Blockchain framework

Icertis, one of the leading providers of cloud contract management, has teamed up with Microsoft to develop its Blockchain Framework further. The company announced the partnership with Microsoft in a publication on 11 June.

One of the main advantages Icertis has against competitors is the innovative Blockchain Framework, which allows users to deploy smart contracts through distributed ledgers quickly.

Through this collaboration with Microsoft, Icertis is looking to improve the currently existing infrastructure. The two companies are mainly looking to introduce greater clarity in the way contracts are executed. Not only that, the expansion is a way to speed up the process of drafting and launching contracts.

While Icertis already has a developed framework, Microsoft will introduce the Azure Blockchain Workbench, which will be the foundation for the introduction of further developments. Microsoft will also contribute with improvements related to compliance and data management.

The Icertis Blockchain Framework is currently enjoying significant interest, and big international clients like Mercedes have already chosen to trust its services.  Other notable Icertis clients include Airbus, Daimler and Sanofi. This expansion will further strengthen the company’s position as a leader in the contract management sector.

For the moment, Icertis has executed close to six million contracts, in more than forty different languages. By partnering with Microsoft, the platform will offer enhanced functionalities to its already existing customers and probably attract numerous new users.

In a tweet on 13 June, Icertis announced that Microsoft had selected it as one of the runner ups for the Top Global ISV Partner category of the annual Microsoft Partner of the Year Award.


Considering this nomination, the partnership has proven essential for both sides, which means that customers can expect further collaborations and improvements to the Icertis Blockchain Framework.