Microsoft partners with Inworld AI to create an AI developer toolkit


  • Microsoft has announced a partnership with Inworld AI to create an AI developer toolkit.
  • Balancing potential and ethical concerns of AI in the industry.

Microsoft’s M12 venture arm has forged a strategic alliance with Inworld AI, a company within its investment portfolio, to introduce an artificial intelligence toolkit designed to transform the landscape of Xbox game development. This groundbreaking toolkit specifically focuses on harnessing AI capabilities to generate game dialogue and enhance narrative tools.

Microsoft to empower Xbox developers with new toolkit

The cornerstone of this toolkit comprises two essential elements: an AI “design copilot” and an AI character runtime engine, as highlighted in a recent blog post by Microsoft. The design copilot operates as a transformative mechanism, converting user-generated prompts into diverse game essentials, ranging from intricate game scripts to branching dialogue trees and multifaceted quests. In parallel, the character engine not only initiates the creation of new stories but also seamlessly integrates into the game client, offering developers a platform to effortlessly infuse AI-generated content into their game creations.

Haiyan Zhang, the General Manager of Gaming AI at Xbox, articulates the overarching goal of these AI tools, emphasizing their state-of-the-art nature intended to cater to game developers of all sizes. A key aspect of this initiative involves collaborative efforts with both Xbox’s in-house development studios and external third-party game developers. This collaboration aims to ensure that the tools are not only aligned with the unique requirements of the gaming industry but also spark innovation, potentially paving the way for revolutionary game developments in the future.

Balancing potential and ethical concerns of AI in the industry

The unveiling of these AI tools represents a significant leap in the realm of gaming. While AI has been a longstanding part of gaming, the emergence of generative AI, particularly those powered by large language models, signals a new phase in game development, promising a dynamic shift in the way games are conceived and created. However, these transformative tools prompt a crucial consideration regarding their potential impact on the roles of narrative designers and game writers.

While these AI tools might expedite the creation of diverse stories, concerns loom over the authenticity of generated dialogues and the plausible decrease in traditional writing jobs within the gaming industry. Microsoft has placed a premium on ethical AI development and demonstrates this through its “Responsible AI Standard” and a dedicated section on its site that emphasizes the commitment to advancing AI while steadfastly upholding ethical principles.

Moreover, Inworld AI, backed by investors including Microsoft’s M12 fund, recently secured $50 million in Series A funding, catapulting its valuation to an impressive over $500 million. The advent of AI-powered tools in gaming is poised to bring about a significant transformation in game development practices. While the potential benefits are evident, industry experts are closely monitoring the ethical implications and the ramifications on the traditional roles in game development that these advancements might bring forth.

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