GPT-4 Chatbot, Microsoft Copilot, Set to Replace Google Assistant on Android


  • Microsoft Copilot beta testing on Android for default assistant, offering alternative to Google Assistant.
  • Integration allows quick access to Copilot, but lacks some features; improvements expected.
  • Transition may not offer seamless experience yet, but signifies potential shift in Android ecosystem.

Microsoft Copilot, the GPT-4 powered AI chatbot, is gearing up to revolutionize the Android user experience by potentially replacing Google Assistant as the default digital assistant. This update, currently undergoing beta testing, promises to offer Android users the flexibility to leverage Copilot’s capabilities within their device’s ecosystem.

In a bid to tap into the vast open customization of the Android platform, Microsoft Copilot is venturing into the realm of digital assistants. Through the ongoing beta testing phase, select users are granted early access to the feature, allowing them to explore the potential of having Copilot as their default assistant.

Microsoft Copilot seamless integration but with initial hurdles

Upon setting Microsoft Copilot as the default assistant, users gain the ability to summon the AI chatbot with a simple button press. However, initial feedback suggests that the transition might not offer the seamless experience synonymous with Google Assistant. Currently, activating the assistant triggers the opening of the Copilot app, causing a slight delay before executing commands. This delay prohibits users from seamlessly performing tasks such as setting timers or reminders, restricting the interaction to Copilot’s current capabilities.

Implications of the integration

While the integration of Copilot into the Android ecosystem provides users with an alternative AI assistant, it’s essential to recognize the trade-offs involved. Opting for Copilot essentially substitutes Google Assistant with a shortcut to the Copilot app. While this could cater well to individuals who frequently engage with Microsoft’s chatbot, it may fall short for those seeking a comprehensive AI assistant experience.

As beta testing progresses, Microsoft aims to refine the integration to offer a more responsive and intuitive user experience. Addressing the initial hurdles, such as reducing the delay in accessing Copilot and expanding its capabilities to encompass a broader range of tasks, remains a priority. The success of this endeavor could potentially redefine the landscape of digital assistants on the Android platform.

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