Michigan Enacts Sweeping Changes to Election Laws in Effort to Safeguard Voting Rights


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  • Michigan passed laws improving voting rights, enabling nine days of early voting, and criminalizing harassment.
  • The laws also address AI influence in campaigns by requiring the flagging of AI-generated ads, aiming to combat misinformation.
  • In preparation for the 2024 elections, Michigan takes a proactive stance, becoming a leader in safeguarding against AI manipulation and promoting transparency.

In a decisive move to fortify the democratic process, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed nearly two dozen bills on Thursday, ushering in a series of significant changes to the state’s election laws. The comprehensive legislative package aims to enhance accessibility, protect the right to vote, and counteract the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in political campaigns.

Elevating voting accessibility for all

Governor Whitmer, emphasizing the transformation from mediocrity to leadership in safeguarding voting rights, underscored the importance of the new laws in a signing ceremony held at the Detroit branch of the NAACP. The chosen location, she noted, symbolized the impact of voting restrictions on communities of color, young individuals, and those unable to take time off work to cast their ballots.

The pivotal changes include the extension of early voting to nine days, automatic registration for young people and released prisoners, and the criminalization of harassment against election workers. These measures collectively strive to dismantle barriers that disproportionately affect marginalized communities, fostering a more inclusive electoral process.

Addressing the influence of AI in campaigns

Acknowledging the growing threat of misinformation through digital platforms, Governor Whitmer emphasized the necessity to counter the ease with which falsehoods and misleading claims can be disseminated through AI technology. One notable provision in the new laws requires political campaigns to flag advertisements utilizing AI. This measure, according to the Democratic governor, aims to assist voters in distinguishing between authentic and manipulated content.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s top election official, highlighted the significance of staying ahead of rapidly evolving technology used to influence voters. The legislation, she asserted, is a crucial first step to confront the challenges posed by AI in political campaigns. Michigan now stands among the vanguard, being one of only five states to have implemented such protections against AI manipulation.

While expressing satisfaction with the proactive measures, Secretary Benson hinted at the possibility of further actions to safeguard voters from AI, portraying the recent legislation as an initial, albeit substantial, stride.

Preemptive measures ahead of 2024 election season

Governor Whitmer and Secretary Benson both stressed the urgency of implementing these changes before the 2024 election campaign season. With Michigan anticipated to be a battleground state in the presidential election, the state will also witness a fiercely contested open U.S. Senate seat and two open congressional seats. Additionally, control of the closely divided Michigan House of Representatives will be up for grabs.

The swift enactment of these laws positions Michigan as a pioneer in proactively addressing the challenges posed by AI in the realm of political campaigning. The state’s commitment to protecting the democratic process from evolving threats reflects its determination to ensure fair and transparent elections.

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