Michael Saul Dell appraises blockchain technology, keeps mum on Bitcoin

Michael Saul Dell

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Dell CEO said that blockchain technology is underrated and needs more recognition.
  • Michael Dell refused to comment on Bitcoin.

Michael Saul Dell is one of the biggest names in the world as he is the Chairman, CEO, and founder of one of the world’s biggest tech companies, Dell Technologies. In a recent interview with New York Times, Dell made it clear that blockchain technology is “underrated.”

His comments are in favor of the blockchain explosion that we are witnessing right now. The entire blockchain industry has seen a surge in adoption as blockchain gaming, NFTs, are leading products. Even companies like Auto1 FT are beginning have opened their doors to blockchain-based car financing. 

Michael Saul Dell not in favor of Bitcoin?

The comment on blockchain technology from the billionaire spiked the interest of the interviewer, who followed up with a question regarding the king of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin. Michael Saul Dell gave a strange answer up his sleeve as he completed his statement with “I don’t really know.”

Although historically speaking, the Michael Saul Dell-led leading tech firm Dell had actively participated in the adoption of Bitcoin in the year 2014. Dell partnered with leading crypto exchange Coinbase to accept Bitcoin payments in exchange for its services. Despite his neutral stance on crypto assets, Dell was among the first companies to accept crypto. 

What do other investors say?

The general acceptance of blockchain and the relative ease that the technology has brought is not hidden. But, this is still the beginning. Speaking on cryptocurrencies, Warren Buffett, once the richest man in the world, considers that cryptocurrency investment is just digital gambling

Michael Saul Dell maintains neutrality when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but his positive stance on blockchain-based tech hints that he might have something up his sleeve in the future. As the inflation of the US Dollar surges to all-time highs, the presence of Bitcoin seems to provide aid to all the countries and investors suffering from it. 

Bitcoin’s market capitalization has already reached $1 trillion, and this is 10 times as compared to that of Dell. This feat indeed speaks for itself.

Anisha Pandey

Anisha Pandey

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