New Mexico Lawmakers Propose Legislation to Disclose AI Use in Campaign Ads


  • New Mexico lawmakers introduce House Bill 182, requiring disclosure of AI use in political ads.
  • The legislation aims to promote transparency in campaign messaging and prevent the spread of deceptive content.
  • Concerns arise over AI’s potential to manipulate elections, as evidenced by AI-generated robocalls.

In an effort to ensure transparency in political advertising, New Mexico state lawmakers have introduced House Bill 182, which would require disclosure of artificial intelligence (AI) usage in campaign ads. The proposed legislation aims to provide voters with clarity by mandating that any political ad employing AI technology must explicitly state its use.

Push for transparency in political advertising

The lawmakers behind House Bill 182, which has already passed one committee and is awaiting review in the House Judiciary, assert that the bill is not anti-AI but rather a measure to regulate and disclose its application in political campaigns. Gail Chasey, House majority leader, emphasized the intention to establish guidelines for the responsible use of AI in the political arena. She acknowledged the inevitability of AI’s presence in society and the need to ensure that voters are well-informed about its usage.

A growing trend with precedent

New Mexico is not the first state to consider such legislation; five other states have already implemented similar laws. If House Bill 182 becomes law, individuals or entities failing to disclose the use of AI in campaign ads could face fines and potential imprisonment. The legislation has received support from the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office, acknowledging the rising concern of AI’s influence in elections.

AI’s impact on the 2024 elections

The use of AI in political campaigns has raised significant concerns, with real-world instances pointing to its potential for manipulation. For instance, before the New Hampshire primary, voters received robocalls that closely resembled President Joe Biden’s voice, urging them not to participate in the primary. Investigations confirmed that AI likely generated these deceptive robocalls, underscoring the need for increased oversight and regulation.

Alex Curtas, communications director for the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Office, expressed concerns about the possible use of deepfakes and materially deceptive media in elections. The proposed legislation seeks to prevent the dissemination of misleading content and provide voters with transparency about the origins and construction of political ads.

A call for clarity

Gail Chasey emphasized the importance of ensuring that voters are aware of who is behind campaign messaging and how it is created and presented to them. House Bill 182, if enacted, will come into immediate effect, reinforcing the need for transparency in political advertising.

As New Mexico lawmakers push for transparency in political advertising, House Bill 182 seeks to require disclosure of AI usage in campaign ads. The proposed legislation, already passed in one committee, aims to provide voters with clarity about the origin and construction of political messaging. With five other states having implemented similar laws, New Mexico joins the trend to ensure transparency in the political arena, especially in the face of AI’s growing impact on elections.

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