Users cry foul as MEXC freezes assets and blocks accounts


  • MEXC has faced allegations of freezing traders’ accounts and seizing funds, citing “abnormal trading activities.”
  • Users, including one who lost $92,000 in Tether, have publicly shared their frustrations about restricted account access and wiped-out funds.
  • MEXC’s terms of service allow for unilateral actions against suspected violations, raising concerns about transparency and user rights in crypto trading.

In a startling series of events, the crypto exchange MEXC has been at the center of a brewing storm, following allegations of freezing traders’ accounts and seizing their funds. These actions, which MEXC attributes to “abnormal trading activities,” have sparked a wave of outcry and consternation within the crypto community. As the details unfold, the narrative weaves a tale of caution and mistrust in the volatile world of digital currency exchanges.

Growing Concerns Among MEXC Users

The first ripples of discontent surfaced around December 16, when MEXC users started voicing their frustrations over restricted access to their accounts. A trader, known pseudonymously as Vida, became the face of this unrest, reporting a loss of $92,000 in Tether (USDT) following profitable trades in the exchange’s futures market.

Vida’s ordeal didn’t end with the loss; the subsequent communication with MEXC’s support team led to a shocking revelation – their account was wiped clean, erasing both funds and order history. Screenshots shared by Vida showed MEXC’s acknowledgment of the flagged trades and the consequent investigation by their team. MEXC’s response, citing abnormal activities and invoking their terms of service, did little to alleviate the growing sense of injustice among its users.

This incident was not an isolated case. Numerous traders have come forward with similar grievances, painting a picture of a systemic issue within MEXC. One user, who had been trading since September, narrated their experience of a frozen account following an $8,000 trade. Reports from other traders echoed this pattern, suggesting a disturbing trend of account restrictions and fund seizures.

MEXC’s Stance and the Terms of Service

In the face of these allegations, MEXC’s stance remains firm. The exchange, established in 2018 and headquartered in Seychelles, operates on a set of terms that grant it broad authority to monitor and act upon any violations of its agreement. According to these terms, MEXC reserves the right to take unilateral action in cases of suspected violations, including blocking transactions, freezing accounts, and even reporting incidents to authorities. This blanket authority, while intended to safeguard the platform’s integrity, has raised questions about transparency and accountability in its enforcement.

MEXC’s lack of immediate response to inquiries further fuels the uncertainty and distrust among its user base. Traders who have found themselves on the wrong side of these actions are left grappling with losses and a lack of recourse. This situation highlights a broader issue in the crypto exchange landscape – the delicate balance between regulatory compliance, user rights, and the inherent risks of digital currency trading.

As the dust settles on this latest crypto controversy, the lessons are clear yet complex. For traders, the importance of understanding and navigating the terms of service of exchanges cannot be overstated. For platforms like MEXC, the challenge lies in enforcing regulations without undermining user trust. And for the broader crypto community, these incidents serve as a reminder of the volatile and often unpredictable nature of digital currency markets. The path forward demands a more nuanced approach to risk management, one that aligns the interests of exchanges and their users in the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency.

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