Metacade announces integration of Shockwaves game in partnership with Shockwaves AI

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  • Metacade teams up with Shockwaves for cutting-edge gaming.
  • $MCADE tokens thrive with a successful presale.
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Metacade, the pioneering Web3 community hub, has made a groundbreaking move by unveiling its integration of the innovative Shockwaves game. This announcement follows its recent strategic partnership with Shockwaves AI, a development that highlights Metacade’s commitment to expanding its ecosystem and offerings.

Metacade’s journey began with a resounding success in its presale, which concluded on March 31st, 2023. Enthusiasts had the opportunity to acquire the platform’s native utility and governance token, $MCADE. With a total token supply of 2 billion, the presale made 1.4 billion tokens (70%) available in nine stages, contributing to the platform’s strong foundation.

Building a thriving Web3 community

As Metacade continues to forge ahead, it places a strong emphasis on building a dynamic community rooted in the principles of Web3. The platform has successfully established several strategic partnerships, with the most recent collaboration being with Shockwaves AI. This partnership aligns perfectly with Metacade’s overarching mission to create a self-sustainable platform that rewards its community through innovative tokenomics and mechanisms.

Shockwaves is an online blockchain game that promises a gaming experience like no other. It combines AI-driven non-fungible tokens (NFTs), algorithmically generated cities, and music-infused gameplay. Shockwaves introduces a unique dynamic where players can engage in battles or train AI agents within the metaverse.

Each AI player possesses its virtual wallet, enabling it to earn rewards as it grows in strength and experience. The game also features a language model-based chat system, facilitating effective communication between players and their AI agents for skill development and training.

The economic model of Shockwaves is driven by the $Neuro token, which serves as the primary currency for both AI players and the game itself. Players have the opportunity to earn rewards through various means, including battling human opponents, selling lands, and trading weapons. The decentralized nature of the game’s tokenomics opens up exciting wealth-building opportunities within the Shockwaves ecosystem.

Metacade staking opportunities

While the first staking pool was exclusive to presale participants and is now closed for a 6-month staking period, Metacade has plans to introduce a second staking opportunity for its users. This aligns perfectly with the platform’s commitment to providing diverse avenues for community participation and engagement.

Metacade’s vision extends beyond the integration of Shockwaves. The platform envisions the creation of a 3D arcade within the Metaverse, where community-generated games will come to life. This ambitious project reflects Metacade’s dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem that transcends traditional gaming experiences.

Security and risk management

Ensuring the security of $MCADE tokens is paramount to Metacade. The platform subjected itself to a comprehensive CertiK audit, a reputable blockchain security and transparency firm. The audit covered specifications, smart contracts, and the team itself, instilling confidence in users regarding the platform’s integrity.

Metacade places a strong emphasis on risk management for token holders. It implements measures such as a fully audited multisig wallet and treasury asset management by multiple keyholders to safeguard the interests of the community.

Metacade recognizes the importance of rewarding its community members for their active participation. Contributors stand to receive $MCADE tokens for various activities, ranging from discovering the best alpha to writing game reviews and providing valuable content to the community. Metacade aims to create a highly rewarding environment for all its members.

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