Meta to launch its first meta store: Portal, Ray-Ban Stories, and Quest 2

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  • On May 9, the Meta Store will be opening its first physical store in Burlingame and California. 
  • The visitors will get a hand on practice with Portal, Ray-Ban Stories, and Quest 2. The Meta store will allow them to experience each technology that would take them to a whole new world. 

On May 9, in Burlingame and California, the Meta store will open its door to experience its physical retail dimension for the first time, where consumers will get a physical demonstration of their hardware products. Meta has brought a revolution to social platforms. It has changed the conventional ways of connecting with your loved ones.

Meta store is providing a lifetime opportunity to witness a practical metaverse experience. These spectacular opportunities are available from May 9, Monday through Thursday. 

What to explore at the Meta Store? 

Meta store provides a hands-on experience on Portal, Ray-Ban Stories, and Quest 2 demo.

meta store
Source: Meta

Portal is a new way of connecting with your family, friends, or business officials. The customers could use Portal at the Meta store and experience its connectivity, audio and video quality, clarity, speed, and pace. In this way, they will evaluate the Smart Camera feature and the quality of Story Time. The Meta store has created a demo area for its visitors. They could call Portal to retail associates to check their proficiency. 

Ray-Ban Stories are specialized eyeglasses immersed with Meta technology. They have audio and video options to experience a whole new world. The customer could share the mind-blowing space of Virtual Reality. The clients can interact with the product at the Meta Store by getting a physical demonstration. These glasses are available in various colors, lenses, and styles, which allows you to capture every moment.

Quest 2 demo is also available at Meta Store to enable the customer to pick, assess, and evaluate it. Quest is a VR-based headset that gives an interactive display. They designed a particular demo area for experiencing Quest 2 that has a large and curved LED screen placed on the wall. What a person is experiencing will be displayed on the LED screen. Furthermore, they will give the visitor a 30-sec clip of their experience. 

Why visit the Meta Store? 

The Meta store has transformed its mode of retailing from digital to a physical store. At the Meta store, the consumers could see the merchandise and commodities and experience them. The visitors could have an interactive demo of the products they had seen in their online stores. 

You can experience how Portal is the fastest way of communication. The Ray-ban Stories have improved the capture of memories. These products would give them an insight into the metaverse. 

These hardware product demonstrations would give them a life-changing experience. They will witness what they see on Meta Online stores. They display their products and provide the visitors a chance to explore them. The Quest 2 demo allows Supernatural, Real VR fishing, GOLF+, and Beat Saber. 


The Meta Store is physically opening for its customers. On May 9, they will be opening it to witness the virtual world. They have launched their store near Reality Labs HQ. It is a site where they are developing a metaverse. This breathtaking opportunity is open to everyone. One could grab a chance to glide through this new world swiftly. The Meta store is waiting for its visitors to take them on the recent voyage, where Portal, Ray-ban Stories, and Quest 2 are all set to welcome them. Not yet known if Meta will expand beyond Burlingame as Apple did in 2001 with the rapid development of its Apple Stores worldwide. According to a Meta spokeswoman, the company has no plans to build further locations once the first one has been established.

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