Meta AI Chat Early Access Now Available for Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp

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  • Meta AI Chat now available for Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp – request early access to AI-powered chatbots.
  • Easily get early access by following simple steps on your messaging app – explore AI assistants inspired by MrBeast and Charli D’Amelio.
  • Availability may vary by region, so seize the chance to revolutionize your messaging experience with Meta AI Chat.

Meta AI’s highly-anticipated AI Chat feature is poised to revolutionize messaging on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This innovative technology, announced at Meta Connect 2023, is set to introduce a new era of AI-powered chatbots, including those inspired by popular figures like MrBeast and Charli D’Amelio. Users eager to explore this exciting development can now request early access to Meta AI Chat, bringing a fresh and intelligent dimension to their messaging experience.

How to request and access Meta AI chat early

Getting early access to Meta AI Chat is a straightforward process that varies slightly among the three platforms: Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Users can choose between two methods to request early access on Facebook Messenger and Instagram:

Method 1

1. Open Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

2. Tap the icon in the top right to start a new message. (On Instagram, you’ll need to open messages first).

3. When adding contacts to the message, you’ll find “AI Chat” prominently displayed at the top.

4. Simply tap on “AI Chat” to request early access to Meta AI.

Method 2

1. Open Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

2. Select an existing conversation.

3. Type “@” in the message box to invoke a menu.

4. At the top of the menu, you will spot “Meta AI” listed.

5. Tap on “Meta AI” to submit your request for early access.

WhatsApp users, on the other hand, will find a slightly different process:

1. Launch WhatsApp.

2. Tap the icon in the top right corner to initiate a new message.

3. Within the next window, locate the fourth item down, labeled “New AI Chat.”

4. Tap “New AI Chat” and proceed to select “Request early access” from the ensuing pop-up window.

With these straightforward steps, users can request early access to Meta AI Chat, opening up a world of possibilities for enhanced communication.

What to expect from Meta AI chat

Meta AI Chat promises to enhance user experiences across these popular messaging platforms with its AI-powered chatbots. These bots are designed to assist users in navigating their daily tasks and interactions. The allure of having virtual assistants modeled after influential personalities like MrBeast and Charli D’Amelio is certain to intrigue users, making this early access opportunity even more enticing.

Availability and regional variations

It’s worth noting that the availability of early access to Meta AI Chat may vary by region. As such, users are encouraged to check the availability in their respective locations. Meta is continuously working to expand the reach of this feature to ensure a broader user base can benefit from AI-driven enhancements.

Meta AI Chat represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of messaging apps. Users now have the opportunity to request early access to this game-changing technology on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. With intuitive methods for access requests and a range of AI chatbots to choose from, Meta AI Chat is set to redefine how we interact with our favorite messaging platforms. Keep an eye on the availability in your region and don’t miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of this exciting development in digital communication. Stay connected, stay informed, and embrace the future with Meta AI Chat.

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