Meme king Ostia Iheme debuts viral meme NFTs


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  • Actor behind viral meme Ostia Ihemee debuts his genesis NFT
  • NFT rakes in $2.1bn in entertainment industry

Popular Nigerian movie actor, known globally for his many comic memes, Ostia Iheme, professionally called PawPaw, has announced the release of his genesis NFT of his viral memes.

The popular actor who has risen to global stardom through his memes announced this in a post on his Twitter account on Saturday.

“Hello everyone, I just teamed up w rarible.com to release my genesis NFT of my viral memes. Over the years, my memes have brought laughter and joy to so many people. I appreciate all the support. You can purchase my NFTs at rarible.com/pawpaw,” he wrote.

One of Papaw’s viral meme

Ostia Iheme’s rise to become meme king

PawPaw has taken the Internet by storm over the past few years.
There has been a gradual resurgence of his hilarious facial expressions as memes throughout the Internet.
A meme of Ostia Iheme can express regret, confusion, joy, and so; they are increasingly versatile.
Consequently, the actor is now stepping into a new realm by minting these memes as Non-Fungible Tokens.

Another viral meme of Pawpaw

While reacting to the release of his NFT, the actor said, “It is wonderful to know that your work is there and it shows that for life, it’s going to be there.

“I am delighted to see that my work is out there giving people joy and people using it to express their mind and relax.

NFT and the entertainment world

NFTs have continued to make the headlines since the beginning of 2021 and even before then. Over the past months, they have presented new channels for digital creators to monetize and immortalize their work.
Non Fungible Tokens have set the entertainment industry abuzz, bringing in a total of $2.1 billion in the first quarter of this year. Their value is in their exclusivity and scarcity, meaning the lower the number of an NFT available, the higher its value.

Beyond entertainment, the world of sports has also used the NFT platform largely to relate more with fans and an avenue to generate more income.

Shop Pawpaw’s NFT collection here

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