Supercar Making Giant McLaren Automotive Announces the Launch of MSO LAB

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  • Automotive industry marks an entrance into the metaverse and NFT world.
  • McLaren Automotive embraces Web3 in a bid to explore modern technological advancements.
  • The company plans to launch its own NFT collection on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • McLaren’s MSO LAB will offer a membership plan to its users and consumers.

The concept of NFTs and the metaverse continue to gain more relevance in the business fraternity. Several global industries and sectors are paving the way for the incorporation of NFTs in their working models and networks. Similarly, the increasing popularity of the metaverse and Web3 ensures that no industry misses out on the digital frenzy of this age. The latest entrant into this world is McLaren Automotive.

Previously known as McLaren Cars, McLaren Automotive deals in luxury supercars. Since 1985, the company has designed and manufactured plenty of supercars, including the McLaren Elva, which costs $2 million. These supercars are designed and produced in the company facilities, and they are trendy among supercar enthusiasts. The increasing fame has helped the supercar manufacturing company in exploring more user-friendly concepts for increased usability. 

McLaren Automotive lays the foundation of MSO LAB

In a recent development, McLaren Automotive has laid the foundation of MSO LAB. With the inception of MSO LAB, the company aims to revolutionize its digital journey. This opens the gateway for the company’s inclusion into the highly-anticipated metaverse. MSO will extend its services to comply with the company’s metaverse strategies.

Developers, engineers, and designers with expertise in Web3 will join hands to propel the growth of the organization in the metaverse. They aim to positively influence the performance of McLaren’s products by enhancing its technological features. As per the announcement made by McLaren Automotive, the company targets to push its boundaries and explore new dimensions with the launch of its Web3 platform.

McLaren collaborates with MSO LAB to launch its NFT collection

The design team of McLaren will link up with MSO LAB to create its very own NFT collection. As the company believes, MSO LAB will be “the creative umbrella” for the NFT projects of McLaren Automotive. These non-fungible tokens will be limited, distinctive, and highly exclusive. The first collection of NFTs by MSO LAB is expected two weeks from now.

McLaren has named its first NFT drop the Genesis Collection. These NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users have expressed their excitement about the planned launch. Moreover, the supercar has also announced several perks for the owners and holders of a Genesis Collection NFT. They will be bestowed with the membership of MSO LAB.

Perks of being a MSO LAB member

All NFT enthusiasts that will hold an NFT from the Genesis Collection will claim the category one membership of MSO LAB. They will have access to the BTS of McLaren Technology Centre and sketches of exclusive designs. They will be welcomed in the events organized by McLaren Automotive. Also, they will be a part of member-specified airdrops from the company. They will have early access to the planned NFTS alongside receiving exclusive rewards.

However, the customers of McLaren Automotive will be preferred to become members of MSO LAB. They will be able to enjoy unique benefits and services that are not easily available to consumers. Nonetheless, the newly launched NFTs will be up for sale on the McLaren marketplace. InfiniteWorld will support the marketplace, as it is also the metaverse partner of the company.

The team at McLaren Automotive has expressed its delight in the new NFT-related development. Moreover, the Chief Market Officer of the company, Gareth Dunsmore, has stated that these NFTs will provide a unique way for McLaren to get in touch with its customers and clients via Web3 technology.

MSO LAB will be the metaverse and NFT hub for McLaren. It will open new pathways for the organization and its consumers. However, it is yet to be seen how the community will respond to this development. As of now, there is a lot of hype around the planned launch of the Genesis Collection. Its success will help McLaren Automotive increase its engagement.

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