Massive BLUR Airdrop Whale Initiates Token Sale, Raises Concerns of Potential Market Dump

Massive BLUR Airdrop Whale Initiates Token Sale, Raises Concerns of Potential Market Dump

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  • The wallet address “0xD5eE” has sold off 3.2 million $BLUR tokens, previously holding the largest amount of BLUR airdrops, leading to speculation of a potential market dump.
  • Despite a surge in value following an announcement by Upbit, the price of $BLUR has experienced a significant decline of 99.22% since its all-time high, indicating consolidation and uncertainty in the market.

In a significant development within the crypto community, the wallet address known as “0xD5eE” has made a noteworthy move by selling off a substantial amount of BLUR tokens. This wallet address had previously attracted attention due to its massive accumulation of BLUR tokens received through airdrops. The decision to sell off a significant portion of these holdings has sparked speculation of a potential market dump, raising questions about the motives behind the move and its impact on the $BLUR market.

Whale Sells Off BLUR Tokens

The on-chain analysis platform Lookonchain has reported that the wallet address “0xD5eE” sold approximately 3.2 million $BLUR tokens, which holds a value of $1.15 million. This move is notable considering the wallet’s previous status as the holder of the largest amount of BLUR airdrops. The sale of such a substantial quantity has left many wondering about the motives driving this decision. The crypto community is now eager to understand whether this action indicates an impending market dump or if there are other factors at play.

Potential Dump on the Horizon

Recently, BLUR experienced a surge in value following an announcement by Upbit, South Korea’s leading exchange, regarding a new trading pair involving $BLUR and the Korean fiat currency, KRW. However, it is worth noting that CoinGape previously reported the movement of BLUR tokens by Wintermute trading, which raised speculation of a possible dump. 

Since reaching its all-time high of $45.98 on February 13, 2023, the value of $BLUR has witnessed a significant decline of 99.22%, currently priced at $0.3554. The recent price change of -$0.009268 (a 2.54% decrease) and the 24-hour trading volume of $62,067,114 (a 48.02% decrease) indicate a period of consolidation and uncertainty.

Furthermore, the total value locked in BLUR tokens, as seen on Defilama at the press time, is $150.58 million. As market participants closely monitor these developments, they will be keen to observe how the $BLUR market responds in the coming days and weeks. The crucial question remains: Will the sell-off be a temporary setback, or does it signify a deeper correction for $BLUR?

Consolidation and Market Uncertainty

With the recent sale of BLUR tokens by the significant holder, market participants are now faced with the potential consequences of this action. While the motive behind the sale remains unclear, the current market conditions for $BLUR indicate consolidation and uncertainty. 

The decline of the token’s value by 99.22% from its all-time high showcases the significant challenges faced by $BLUR in recent months. However, it is worth noting that BLUR experienced a surge in value following the Upbit announcement, which indicates the potential for positive market sentiment.


The recent sale of 3.2 million $BLUR tokens by the wallet address “0xD5eE,” previously known for holding the largest amount of BLUR airdrops, has generated concerns about a potential market dump. While the motives behind this move remain unknown, the current market conditions of $BLUR suggest consolidation and uncertainty. The decline in value since its all-time high and the subsequent period of correction highlight the challenges faced by $BLUR. As the crypto community closely watches the market response in the coming days and weeks, it remains to be seen whether this sell-off will be a temporary setback or a sign of a more significant correction for $BLUR.

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