Masa’s ZK-Data Network and Marketplace: Empowering Data Sovereignty

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  • Masa is launching a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) data network and marketplace in Q1 2024, utilizing AvaCloud’s Avalanche Subnet, to enable individuals to securely control and monetize their data.
  • Supported by strategic investments from the Avalanche Foundation and Blizzard Fund, Masa’s platform aims to transform personal data management, offering privacy and financial incentives to users while providing a scalable infrastructure for developers and businesses.


Masa, a company in the realm of personal data management, is poised to revolutionize how personal data is handled and monetized with the launch of its Zero-Knowledge (ZK) data network and marketplace.

Slated for release in Q1 2024, the innovative platform is designed to empower individuals to take back control of their data, ensuring privacy and fair compensation for its use. The move comes at a crucial time when personal data generation is skyrocketing, with an estimated 288 million terabytes of new data created daily.

Transforming personal data management with ZK Technology

Masa’s initiative is a direct response to the growing concerns over personal data privacy and ownership. In today’s digital age, personal data — ranging from internet browsing history to direct messages on social platforms — is often trapped in proprietary silos owned by large tech corporations. These entities frequently use the data without the explicit consent of the individuals it belongs to, and more importantly, without offering any form of compensation to these data owners. Masa’s ZK-data network and marketplace aim to dismantle the paradigm by enabling individuals to securely store and monetize their data.

The core of Masa’s technology is the Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Token (zkSBT). These tokens act as personal data lockers, where an individual’s digital footprint and social graph are encrypted and stored privately. It includes data from participation in Web3 communities to the usage of decentralized applications. Masa’s approach ensures that personal data is not only secure but also remains under the complete control of the individual.

In just over a year since its inception, Masa has seen remarkable growth, with over 890,000 unique user wallets permissioning more than 8 million data events to the Masa Network. The rapid adoption underscores the demand for a platform where users can view their digital footprint and share their data in a marketplace for financial incentives, all while maintaining their privacy.

Partnerships and technological infrastructure

To manage the high-performance demands of the network, Masa has collaborated with AvaCloud to deploy a gasless, self-sovereign Avalanche Subnet. The dedicated blockchain network is designed to handle massive volumes of zero-knowledge encrypted data efficiently and cost-effectively. The partnership with AvaCloud is a strategic move, enabling Masa to leverage Avalanche’s robust blockchain infrastructure, known for its scalability and rapid transaction finality.

The initiative is further strengthened by strategic support from the Avalanche Foundation and a significant investment from Avalanche’s Blizzard Fund. The support from these entities not only provides financial backing but also offers a vote of confidence in Masa’s vision and technology. The Avalanche platform, renowned for launching custom blockchains tailored for various applications, provides the ideal ecosystem for Masa’s ZK-Data network and marketplace. The collaboration allows major financial institutions, AI startups, and large-scale consumer tech applications to access secure, scalable, ZK-encrypted user data without incurring high costs.

Masa’s vision for a decentralized data economy

Masa’s vision extends beyond just providing a secure platform for data storage and monetization. The company aspires to become the “decentralized Google” for the AI era, creating a global data marketplace that is scalable, secure, and resilient. In the marketplace, billions of users will be compensated for their data contributions, and millions of developers will have the opportunity to build innovative applications using private-by-default user data.

The potential applications of Masa’s technology are vast and varied. From privacy-preserved advertising to training AI models, developers and businesses will be able to tap into a rich repository of private user data, opening up new avenues for innovation and growth. Masa’s platform also addresses the increasing demand for personal data in AI development, ensuring that the data is used ethically and with the active consent of the individuals it belongs to.

Masa’s journey since its launch in August 2022 has been marked by exponential growth and significant milestones. The company has raised over 7 million dollars in funding from leading investors and has been incubated by prestigious programs like Coinlist’s Seed Program and Binance’s Most-Valuable-Builder Accelerator. The rapid growth and industry recognition reflect the market’s readiness for a paradigm shift in how personal data is managed and monetized.


Masa’s launch of its ZK-data network and marketplace on an Avalanche Subnet powered by AvaCloud is a significant step towards realizing a new paradigm in data management. The initiative not only empowers individuals with control and monetization of their data but also paves the way for a future where data privacy and compensation are the norms. As Masa continues to push the boundaries of ZK technology, it stands at the forefront of a movement that could redefine the relationship between individuals and their data in the digital age.

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