Market analyst JD predicts a significant XRP upsurge soon


  • Market analyst JD predicts a potential upsurge for Ripple’s XRP, drawing parallels with its 2017 market behavior.
  • Historical data reveals that XRP initially underperformed in the early stages of the 2017 bull market, but eventually surged 600x.
  • XRP is showing modest gains, increasing by 20% since October, lagging behind other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Solana.


Ripple‘s XRP is once again in the spotlight. Market analyst JD has recently drawn attention to XRP’s current market behavior, drawing parallels with the 2017 cycle and predicting a potential upsurge. His analysis suggests that investors who overlook XRP in favor of more rapidly ascending cryptocurrencies might miss out on significant gains.

XRP’s historical performance and current trends

JD’s analysis begins by revisiting the 2017 cryptocurrency market cycle. While other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) experienced substantial gains during this period, Ripple initially lagged. Historical data shows that in the early stages of the 2017 bull market, Bitcoin saw a 58% increase by December 2016, whereas XRP only marked an 11% rise in the same period. Further, Ripple experienced an 18% drop from January to February 2017, contrasting with Bitcoin’s 22% increase.

Despite its underperformance in the early stages of the bull market, Ripple eventually recorded an explosive surge, leading to a staggering 600x increase and reaching an all-time high of $3.31 in January 2018. JD notes that this pattern of initial underperformance followed by a significant rally might be repeating in the current market cycle.

Ripple has been underperforming in the ongoing bull market, with a modest 20% increase since October. This slow pace of growth, especially when compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Solana (SOL), has led to frustration among Ripple investors, some of whom are considering selling their holdings. This behavior mirrors the 2017 cycle, where investors who sold their XRP prematurely missed the subsequent rally.

The outlook for XRP: A realistic prediction

While some investors remain skeptical about XRP’s potential to repeat the 2017 rally, JD remains optimistic about its prospects. He acknowledges that a 600x increase, similar to the 2017 surge, is unlikely due to the substantial growth in Ripple’s market cap. However, he argues that current technical indicators suggest a possible 8 to 10x increase when the rally materializes. With XRP currently trading at $0.6210, a 10x increase would push its price to around $6.21.

A Dutch stock trader has doubts about Ripple’s ability to replicate its previous success, citing the considerable increase in market capitalization since 2017. This perspective highlights the challenge of predicting cryptocurrency markets, which are influenced by a complex mix of technical, market, and regulatory factors.

JD’s analysis of XRP’s market performance, both historical and current, presents an interesting perspective for investors. While it is essential to approach such predictions cautiously, the potential for significant gains cannot be entirely dismissed. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Ripple remains a token to watch, potentially offering lucrative opportunities for those willing to weather its initial underperformance in the current cycle.

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