Major industries using crypto a decade after Bitcoin was launched

major industries using crypto in 2019major industries using crypto in 2019


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The largest crypto-currency, Bitcoin was launched around a decade ago and despite myriad of setbacks, crypto-currencies have managed to thrive and bloom. Their main purpose was to enable cross-border payments but more than a dozen other industries use cryptocurrencies. So let us see what these industries are.

Real Estate

Through the use of Blockchain, we can buy houses and further property by using Bitcoin as payment. Such vendors include Propy.com and MyCOINrealty.com.


Universities in many countries including Cyprus, Switzerland, the U.S are now accepting cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin, as a method of payment for course fees and student bills.


The travel industry is not new to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in fact, some vendors have been accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment since 2013.

Motor Industry

There have been reports that certain Lamborghini and Tesla vehicles were purchased by using cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin.

Fast Food Restaurants

Pizzaforcoins is a food vendor that accepts more than 50 types of cryptocurrencies as payment. Moreover, certain fast food chains and many standalone ones are also accepting crypto tokens as payment.

Venture Capital

Following the crypto boom, many startups have given up on traditional methods of fundraising and are now using crypto tokens in order to fund ideas, services and much more.


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are also being used as a method to fund charities. Moreover, charities such as the World Food Program use blockchain to tackle corruption and as a mean of distributing secure financial aid among the poor.

Other industries that use blockchain are gaming, art, retail, digital publishing, green economy, and social media, hopefully, in the future, many more are to join the circle.

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