Logos inscribed its manifesto on the largest Bitcoin Block

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  • Logos has announced that it has inscribed its manifesto on the largest Bitcoin block.
  • The size of the block is about 3.99 MB. 
  • The event of inscription took place before the launch of an ordinals collection. 

Logos has announced that it has inscribed its manifesto on the biggest-ever Bitcoin block. The network claims itself as the vanguard of preserving liberty in times of severe distress. It has announced that the inscription will serve as a key document like the Declaration of Independence and others. 

Logos – A future-oriented technology stack

Logos is a future-oriented technology stack that is composed of three primary stacks. These include Nomos, Codex, and Waku; which are used for consensus, storage, and communication respectively. It defines itself as the one that is reimagining technology through Web3 solutions. It has come as a solution to the problem that Ethereum faces in realizing the promises that it had made regarding Web3. 

Logos has been planned as the base for providing next-gen governing services, social institutions, public goods, etc. The developers have ensured that the design includes respect for human rights, thus allowing greater freedom, transparency, and stability. There is voluntary participation for members which adds to their sense of freedom and responsibility.  

Logos provides opportunities to individuals to take part in the next-gen governing services, public goods, etc. Thus, it provides economic opportunities to those who need them the most. It is a fully-neutral technology stack that provides support for self-sovereign virtual territories. It is the future of Web3 because it realizes the ideals of Web3 technology, constantly adding to the struggle for progress.   

Inscription of Logos manifesto on Bitcoin Block

As Logos has continued to be a leader in the mentioned tech, paving the way for future developments, it has announced the inscription of its manifesto on the largest Bitcoin block. As per the announcement from the mentioned tech stack, the inscription’s size is 3.99 MB, which is inscribed on the largest ever Bitcoin block mined ever. 

Previously, the manifesto was inscribed on a Satoshi that was mined in 2009. It was inscribed on block 3,479 which was smaller compared to the standard units. According to the official announcement, these inscriptions will serve as the pseudonymous identities of the Logos tech stack. These blocks will help people exit the traditional internet system where censorship and oppression has made it impossible for users to express themselves in freedom. 

The developers of Logos have planned some major developments till the end of this year. These include live going of the Nomos Layer 1 on testnet. The developers of the project claim that they are developing technology that will ensure the protection of basic civil liberties by design. 

Furthermore, the management team of Logos has announced that they are recruiting high-level operators to exit the current system and enter the new ecosystem. 

A declaration of independence in cyberspace

The INSCRIPTION 70,614,708 is synonymous with the Declaration of Independence in cyberspace. It was created on May 3, 2024, 12:34 PM GMT+5 while the CREATION BLOCK for it was 841,886. Logos is currently waiting to launch its Ordinals collection and the event of inscription precedes it. 

As said earlier, Logos’ technology is neutral and ensures that it protects the privacy of its users. Logos has developed into one of the most popular cyberpunk communities in recent years. Recently it announced the launch of the Runes Protocol which allows the issuing of tokens on the Bitcoin network in an efficient manner. 


Logos, a technology stack, has announced that it has inscribed its manifesto on the largest ever Bitcoin block. As a cyberpunk community, Logos has made great progress over the recent years, attracting a considerable number of followers. The community has compared the inscription of its manifesto to the Declaration of Independence.  

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