Litecoin price analysis 4 July 2019; Litecoin trading volume down for the day?

Litecoin managed to ride the BTC correction yesterday and gained as much as 4% in its price levels but has been quite slow today in terms of any major market moves.

The reason turns out to be quite simple as most of the Litecoin holders and enthusiasts are currently enjoying days off or are going out with their families on an outdoor BBQ in the United States.

Due to the US independence day on the 4th of July, the Litecoin trading volumes have tumbled a bit but are still able to maintain the price without falling too much.

LTC price chart

LTC chart by Trading View

Although the trading volumes are down, it’s just temporary and nothing else. Litecoin has one of the most bullish sentiments among all the altcoins available.

The Litecoin Foundation managed to drive the hype much more effectively than TRON ever did, by announcing an LTC debit card, an LTC halving in August and now a potential partnership with Flexa, which could bring Litecoin adaptation to a completely new level.

As already mentioned, today’s LTC movements are most likely going to be few and far between, or the coin may tumble a bit due to the holidays, but once the last two weeks of July come around, we could see the coin in its prime when it climbs to over $250.