Team Liquid’s Victory and iNSaNiA’s Surprising Call-Out

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  • Team Liquid won at ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 with SabeRLight-‘s standout play.
  • iNSaNiA called out Dota 2 BuLba over Shopify Rebellion’s struggles.
  • Team Liquid impressed despite losing, showing promise for the future.

Team Liquid emerged victorious in a thrilling match against BetBoom Team, securing their place in the Lower Bracket final at ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023. While their journey ultimately ended with a loss to Azure Ray, the post-match interview brought an unexpected twist as iNSaNiA took the microphone to call out Dota 2 BuLba. 

The reason behind this surprising call-out was the exceptional performance of SabeRLight-, a stand-in player from Shopify Rebellion, who played a pivotal role in Team Liquid’s triumph.

In the clash against BetBoom Team, Team Liquid demonstrated their prowess in Dota 2, ultimately prevailing in a captivating match. The contest had fans on the edge of their seats, but in the end, Team Liquid showcased their resilience and skill to secure the victory.

iNSaNiA’s unexpected message

Following the victory, SirActionSlacks conducted a post-match interview with SabeRLight-, a key player in Team Liquid’s success against BetBoom Team. However, the interview took an unexpected turn when iNSaNiA, Team Liquid’s captain, seized the opportunity to convey a message to Dota 2 BuLba. 

He questioned how Shopify Rebellion, with a talent like SabeRLight- on their roster, could experience losses in recent matches. This impromptu call-out caught many by surprise and added an intriguing twist to the post-match discussion.

SabeRLight-‘s performance in the match against BetBoom Team was nothing short of spectacular. He exhibited exceptional skills and played a pivotal role in Team Liquid’s victory. Many regarded him as the standout player in the series and a driving force behind Team Liquid’s success.

A stand-in for 33

One may wonder why SabeRLight-, a member of Shopify Rebellion, was playing for Team Liquid in the first place. The reason behind this substitution was the unavailability of Team Liquid’s offlaner, Neta “33” Shapira, due to visa issues. 

Faced with this challenge, Team Liquid made the strategic decision to bring in SabeRLight- as a temporary stand-in for the event. In hindsight, this choice proved to be a wise one, as SabeRLight-‘s performance played a crucial role in Team Liquid’s impressive run.

iNSaNiA’s message to Dota 2 BuLba was not without context. Shopify Rebellion has been facing a string of disappointing results lately, which prompted significant roster changes. The team’s recent struggles and underwhelming performances have raised questions about its future direction.

Despite their loss to Azure Ray in the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 tournament, Team Liquid’s overall performance was commendable. The squad from Western Europe showcased their skills and teamwork throughout the competition, leaving no doubt about their potential for future success. 

With their strong showing in this tournament, Team Liquid has set high expectations for their performance in the upcoming year.

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