Lido Finance embraces Obol Network’s decentralized Staking module

Lido finance embraces Obol Network's decentralized staking module

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  • Lido Finance has approved the integration of the Simple Distributed Validator Technology from the Obol Network, aiming for enhanced diversification and security in node operations.
  • The collaboration with Obol Labs marks a significant step towards democratizing staking and promoting robust decentralization in the Lido Node Operator set.



In a recent move heralded as a transformative step in the realm of decentralized finance, Lido Finance, a renowned liquid staking protocol, has given its nod to a pivotal proposal aimed at integrating the Simple Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) derived from the Obol Network. This monumental decision is poised to reshape the landscape of node operations, promising enhanced diversification, resilience, and security.

Overwhelming support for the proposal

The Lido Finance community showcased an unequivocal alignment with the proposal’s vision, as reflected in the staggering 99% support it received during the voting phase on November 3. This wasn’t the sole resolution made; there was also an accord on utilizing the Lido DAO cover fund. This fund is set to shoulder the financial implications arising from module slashing penalties and any other unforeseen expenses that might emerge in the course of the module’s operation.

A representative from Lido Finance provided insights into the rationale behind the sweeping approval: “DVT stands out as the most efficient pathway to usher in a diverse range of new Node Operators into the Lido Node Operator fraternity. This is not merely about numbers; it’s about engendering a varied profile that encompasses both solo and community stakers. Beyond diversification, the embrace of this technology translates to heightened resilience, broader distribution, and fortified security.”

Simple DVT module: Setting the stage for the future

The integration of the Simple DVT module isn’t just a transient phase in Lido Finance’s roadmap. It carries the profound message that implementing DVT on the mainnet isn’t a distant dream but a tangible reality. This move is strategically poised to enrich the Lido Node Operator set on Ethereum, paving the way for subsequent modules that could be both more scalable and operate on a permissionless basis, grounded in DVT.

Elucidating the overarching vision, the proposal mentioned, “The Simple DVT module is intended to demonstrate that utilizing DVT on mainnet is possible while furthering the diversification of the Lido Node Operator set on Ethereum and potentially setting the stage for more scalable and permissionless DVT-based modules shortly.”

Obol Labs spearheading the decentralized staking revolution

Obol Labs, the driving force behind the Obol Network, was quick to recognize the magnitude of this collaboration. Sharing their sentiments on social platforms, the firm stated, “This vote signifies support for the advancement of this new module. This will be Lido’s first module to use Obol DVs on Ethereum mainnet.”

But what does this collaboration mean in the larger scheme of things? The integration signifies more than a mere technical alliance. “This module represents a significant step towards strong diversification and decentralization of the Lido Node Operator set,” the statement from Obol read. This sentiment was echoed earlier by the Obol team when they highlighted the importance of the module, emphasizing its role in bolstering the diversification and decentralization goals of the Lido Node Operator ensemble.

The Obol Network, an ingenious creation of Obol Labs, is a platform that democratizes staking. It envisions an ecosystem where every individual, irrespective of their technological prowess or financial heft, can actively participate as distributed staking validators.


Lido Finance’s decision to adopt the Obol Network’s decentralized staking module is not just an integration of technologies; it’s a fusion of visions. Both entities are looking toward a future where decentralization isn’t just a buzzword but a tangible, operational reality that every participant in the ecosystem can experience. This alliance is a promising stride in that direction, and the crypto community waits with bated breath to witness the innovations and transformations it will usher in.

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