Elon Musk and the crypto community react to X’s audio & video calling features

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  • Since Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, he has made countable changes that have been met with positive and negative criticism in equal measure.
  • Reports have it that X could “enable audio and video call” as an option for allowing calls from only people in your address book, verified users, or people you follow. 
  • The billionaire has underscored the need for “comprehensive deregulation” in response to several actions by the SEC that he believes are severely constraining our civilization. 

Elon Musk recently took the world by storm with his Twitter purchase, which cost him $44 billion, and has made efforts to develop the platform into an Everything App. Since his move to rebrand the social platform from Twitter to X, Elon has continuously shown interest in making it a unique communication network that serves all kinds of niches. 

Elon recently highlighted the inclusion of audio and video calling features in the X platform. The platform teased X users on enabling the new features in a recent post, asking, “Ready for it?” However, Musk had already hinted at this feature launch amid his efforts to upgrade the platform.

X’s audio & video call features

Elon Musk, Tesla and X CEO teased rolling out the new audio and video call features that are currently available to a number of users. The lucky users present in the beta phase get a notification when opening the X app, stating, “Audio and Video calls are here.” 

Additionally, there is an “enable audio and video call” toggle in the app settings. The feature allows users to turn it on and select individuals they are comfortable with. 

Among the features is an option of allowing calls from only people in your address book, verified users, or people you follow. All three options can also be selected. Making a call is also easy and can be done by opening a chat with the preferred individual intended to be called. 

This is done by sending a DM to another user and then selecting the phone icon at the top right corner. This will then prompt you to select your preferred call, either audio or video. 

Elon had long confirmed the development of introducing the audio and video call features on the X app. He also mentioned that these calls would not require a phone number and would be available on Android, PC, iOS, and Mac. However, the launch is not official yet. As such, it is still unclear on the reach of the X features launch or if it’s only available to premium users. 

Comments on the audio and video call features on X

Chris Messina, an inventory and open-source advocate, explained that the X code suggests that users have to subscribe to premium services in order to use the features. This could be a fact based on Elon’s endeavors to make users pay an annual fee for using the “Everything app.” 

A few countries, like the Philippines and New Zealand, have already started making payments of $1 per year. 

Elon recently tweeted on X about the new features on October 25, which read, “Early version of video & audio calling on 𝕏.” Before this, Elon had talked about including these developments in August 2023, when the platform was being rebranded, stating that his team was seeking to roll out the audio and video call features.

The features announcement created a buzz among its users, who replied with positive comments, tagging the platform as a good communication vehicle that could take them far in effective communication.  

Currently, users can make audio calls, with video call features coming soon. Elon’s vision includes making the application an all-around encompassing platform that would allow every type of interaction and conduct transactions all in one place. 

The addition of the audio and video call features will be a step toward his vision of the application. However, the impact of this is still yet to be realized on whether it might allow unnecessary calls. Moreover, the platform is moving towards a Premium era that will also be part of its intended future developments. 

Elon joins the crypto community in asking the SEC for clear regulations

Elon Musk has emphasized the importance of “comprehensive deregulation.” This came after he predicted that the US SEC would undergo a “comprehensive overhaul” with 100% certainty. In a recent post on his social media platform, X, the billionaire, remarked, “There needs comprehensive deregulation.” Period.”

Musk’s statement comes as the SEC is overreaching in various areas, including crypto. Many US officials, authorities, corporations, and citizens have expressed alarm about the SEC’s actions. A bill has even been introduced in Congress to oust SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.

The SEC’s recent rule proposal aimed at regulating predictive data analytics (PDA) and artificial intelligence (AI) has piqued Musk’s interest. Gensler has warned that AI might cause a financial disaster in the coming decade.

The SEC is currently suing Tesla’s CEO. The securities regulator is suing to compel him to testify about his takeover of Twitter, now renamed as X. 

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