LG blockchain phone would open new doors

Word has it that tech and electronics giant LG Electronics is now in opting for an LG blockchain phone and it appears to be opening new doors for blockchain adoption.

LG plans on inculcating the blockchain technology into its upcoming smartphone models. This would also open the doors for LG in the blockchain market.

With the aid of detailed research in the blockchain field, LG aims to make its new smartphones a source of easy-access for the users who tend to benefit from this facility.

Since Samsung is to launch its highly anticipated smartphone i.e. Galaxy Note 10 which incorporates a crypto-wallet allowing transactions with all the Klaytn crypto-currencies including Klay, a buzz is being felt in its competitors.

This buzz has taken the form of wild-fire leading other tech companies to ventures similar to the LG blockchain phone. They are now pursuing thorough research of decentralized applications as well as blockchain technology in the pursuit of instilling similar technology in their products.

LG blockchain phone ushering overall blockchain adoption

Mirroring the efforts of its competitor “Samsung”, LG blockchain phone expands its horizons for the blockchain sector in addition to the advantage of a multidimensional range of products.

The company, however, is still buttoned up about the availability of the new product while simultaneously opening up about the difficulties faced in order to formulate a distinct feature in their product regarding the blockchain DApps.

Nevertheless, LG is determined to override challenges in order to retort to Samsung and make its way into the market.