Ledger and Coinbase collaborate to simplify crypto purchases and transfers


  • Ledger and Coinbase team up for easier crypto purchases and transfers.
  • Now, users can receive crypto directly on Ledger devices.
  • The collaboration aims to boost the adoption of self-custody wallets.

Hardware wallet provider Ledger and leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase have joined forces to streamline the process of purchasing and transferring digital assets. This collaboration aims to enhance user experience and bolster security by allowing direct transfers of purchased crypto to Ledger devices.

Integration of Coinbase pay into ledger live

The collaboration entails the integration of Coinbase Pay, Coinbase’s on-ramp solution, into Ledger Live, Ledger’s desktop and mobile application. This integration enables users to transfer their existing cryptocurrency holdings and transact directly from their devices. Moreover, it facilitates the seamless receipt of crypto purchases on Ledger hardware wallets.

Previously, transferring crypto assets from exchanges to self-custody wallets was perceived as cumbersome and prone to errors. Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, emphasized the tedious nature of this process before the collaboration. 

However, with the integration of Coinbase Pay, users benefit from a simplified and secure method akin to booking travel through platforms like Skyscanner. Rogers noted that the collaboration offers consumers a choice, emphasizing the importance of digital ownership through self-custody.

Encouraging adoption of self-custody

Ledger envisions a shift in demand towards self-custody wallets, likening them to bank accounts tailored to individual preferences. The collaboration with Coinbase underscores the accessibility and simplicity of self-custody, particularly for newcomers to the crypto space. 

As the crypto market enters a new cycle propelled by the introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), Ledger anticipates an influx of new users. While these individuals may initially engage with ETFs, Ledger aims to encourage their transition towards self-custody, which is the authentic use case for crypto.

Integrating Coinbase Pay into Ledger Live marks a significant step towards bridging the gap between centralized exchanges and self-custody solutions. The collaboration enhances user autonomy and security in managing their digital assets by offering a seamless transfer mechanism. Additionally, it serves as a testament to the growing recognition of self-custody as a fundamental principle of cryptocurrency ownership.

Potential for market expansion

With the advent of spot Bitcoin ETFs, the crypto market is poised for expansion, attracting a broader audience of investors. Ledger anticipates that these newcomers will gradually gravitate towards self-custody solutions, driven by the allure of direct ownership and enhanced security. As such, the collaboration with Coinbase caters to existing users and lays the groundwork for accommodating future growth in the crypto ecosystem.

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