Leadership Change at StarkWare: Uri Kolodny Steps Down as CEO

Leadership Change at StarkWare: Uri Kolodny Steps Down as CEO

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  • Uri Kolodny has stepped down as CEO of StarkWare due to family health issues, transitioning to a board member role, while his co-founder and long-time friend Eli Ben-Sasson takes over as CEO.
  • Despite the leadership change, StarkWare is expected to maintain its innovative trajectory in the blockchain space, with Kolodny’s continued involvement at the board level and Ben-Sasson’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the company’s technology.

Uri Kolodny, the CEO of StarkWare Ltd., has announced his decision to step down from his role due to pressing family health issues. 

The move comes after Kolodny had previously taken a leave of absence a year ago, which he now acknowledges was insufficient for the challenges he faces at home.

Continued involvement and new leadership

Despite stepping down as CEO, Uri Kolodny will maintain an active role within the company by serving as a board member for both StarkWare and the StarkNet Foundation. This decision ensures that his insights and experience will continue to benefit the company, albeit in a different capacity.

Taking over the CEO position is Eli Ben-Sasson, the current President of the company. Ben-Sasson is not only Kolodny’s co-founder but also a long-time friend of 35 years. His credentials are impressive: he is the co-inventor of STARKs, a key technology in StarkWare’s offerings. Kolodny expresses his utmost confidence in Ben-Sasson’s abilities to lead StarkWare to new heights, highlighting their close friendship and shared history as a foundation for future success.

Reflecting on StarkWare’s journey

In his announcement, Kolodny reflects on the journey of building StarkWare and StarkNet, expressing pride in the team they have assembled. He emphasizes the talent, creativity, kindness, and generosity of the people he has worked with, acknowledging the pain of reducing his daily interactions with such an extraordinary team.Kolodny notes that he will be less present on social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram, as his attention shifts to his family. He leaves with a poignant message, reminding everyone of the importance of spending time with loved ones and urging people to make that a priority.

The recent leadership change at StarkWare represents a pivotal moment for the company. With Uri Kolodny stepping down as CEO and moving to a board member role, there is a notable shift in the company’s executive landscape. However, this transition is smoothed by the appointment of Eli Ben-Sasson, a co-founder and a seasoned figure in the industry, as the new CEO. Ben-Sasson’s deep involvement in the development of StarkWare’s core technologies and his long-standing professional relationship with Kolodny provide a strong foundation for his new role. His leadership is expected to drive the company forward, maintaining its innovative edge in the competitive blockchain sector.

Simultaneously, Kolodny’s decision to remain actively involved at the board level ensures continuity and stability. His expertise and insights, gained from years of leading the company, will continue to influence StarkWare’s strategic direction. This arrangement allows Kolodny to address his personal challenges while still contributing to StarkWare’s success. With these changes, StarkWare is well-equipped to uphold its commitment to innovation and excellence in the blockchain space, navigating the new phase of its journey with a balanced and experienced leadership team.


Uri Kolodny’s decision to step down as CEO of StarkWare due to personal medical challenges at home marks a significant transition for the company. While his reduced involvement will be felt, the appointment of Eli Ben-Sasson, a seasoned co-founder and close friend, as the new CEO ensures continuity and stability in StarkWare’s leadership. Kolodny’s continued role as a board member for both StarkWare and the StarkNet Foundation will allow him to contribute to the company’s future, albeit in a different capacity. This change underscores the importance of balancing professional commitments with personal responsibilities, a reminder that resonates deeply within the tech community and beyond.

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